Ti-Cats @ Eskimos

The previous game is pretty much over, so it's time to start the marquee game! :smiley:

Let's Go Eskimos!!!

Whoa! Did all the fans deke cause of the rain? Bunch of wusses. :lol:

There is lots of room inside Commonwealth with a huge area in the Jackie Parker room with T.V. screens everywhere.

Another Ricky Ray FIRST DOWN. :rockin:

I still call em wusses. When it rained from start to finish for the Esk/Cats game my brother and I went to in 2009, we stayed in our seats the entire time. :lol:

Brings back memories of 1977 (big time rain) at Old Empire Stadium; semi-final playoff match vs Winnipeg.

An Esks win puts me at 3-1 this week!
(I called Mtl for the early game. I was sad, but I knew it would happen :cry: )

Go Esks!
(Your fans have earned it!)

Literally screamed at the TV when dude hit Ray. Come on, guys. Give him better protection.

3-0 Eskies with a 20 yard Duval fieldgoal.

HD Link for this game for those without it on TV:

[url=http://sportzkrieg.me/live.php?id=110705223028&msg=1&matchname=Hamilton-vs-Edmonton]http://sportzkrieg.me/live.php?id=11070 ... s-Edmonton[/url]

Yes you have to wait for the first ad, but then you are good to go with the ESPN 3 feed.

Freakin weather! :x

The backs for Edmonton need to change their numbers. 23, 31, 32. I keep getting them mixed up. :lol:

Good coverage. Cats are pinned deep. :smiley:

Duval with a big punt; pins Hamilton deep, but nice screen and run play gets em out of trouble.

Is there anyone here around from the old days when they played through the lightning and even tornados? :lol:

Anyone else notice Brandon James fielding that punt as if it were a fair catch? Why the flashback? :x What the heck dude!

Bowman continues to produce.

Not sure, but there was the "Fog Bowl" many years ago when they lost the ball for a period of time.

Backer, are you a prophet? :o What is this now?

Just posting a little bit of CFL history Paolo X.