So know doubt, McManus now knows that he will have some legitimite compatition for the starters job. Will this affect his play against Edm?

And if Suitor doesn't cut the "hero-worshiping" of McManus soon I'm going to throw a chair through my TV.

Oh man I'm with you there Yeast. Sure, Ticat receivers have been dropping balls, but Suitor's constant making excuses for McManus, blaming everyone but him for almost everything is getting rather tiresome..........

This is the week that the Cats pull it together. I don't care if it is McMacus or Jones. I don't care who catches or drops balls as long as we win. Edmonton is the strongest team in the West but crazier things have happened. 3 TD's for Yeast. Eskies keep it close until the third when Davis blows the game over with a huge run! GO TI-CATS GO!

I Like Your way of thinking Yeast but I dont think that our first win is due against one of the top teams in the league. Especially when were on the road. But as you said weirder things have happened (like ottawa beating Montreal and Winnipeg beating them as well) Winnipeg won against Montreal correct??

Get Khari out against Edmonton. The sooner you get him experience the better. Leaving Danny in will only recreate 2003 and since we already somehow managed to beat you guys ths year don't count on Sask to lose to you and give you your only win like they did in 2003...

What I think Glen Suitor has been saying to be exact is that Danny Mc is not THE problem in Hamilton. Receivers dropping balls and running bad routes has been there biggest issue and again tonight vs Eskimos. Craig "Short Arms" Yeast and his unwillingness to lay himself for that ball near the goal line is a good example of their receiver problems plus dropped balls in all the games.

Take BC- it is like Buck Pierce said after the Calgary exhibition game. He had never seen a complete set of great receivers all one team and guys who think like QBs making it easier for the QB to do his job.

Bottomline is that the Ticats are winless with Danny Mac so far this year. And Third and Ten has said this is professional sports, a major league. Maybe he throws the ball perfectly and on the money every time, but when things aren't working out it is time for a change. Even if the changes result in a loss, at least then you can't say you did nothing to try and remedy the problems. The Ticats might have lousy receivers as everyone is saying, but what are they gonna do? Wipe the whole receiving roster a thirdway through the season? Don't think so. I say get a different qb out there and hope he can click with the receivers.

Now which qb? We saw Brady's first throw after Danny Mac went down was a touchdown, and he did great from there on. This was a winnable game for the Ticats, but it was too little too late when Brady came in. Brady will be the starter now I reckon with McManus injured, we'll have to see if he can keep things going where he left off in the Edmonton game. Brady really wants to prove himself now with Jones in town after his job. I dunno how well Brady will do though, I still say Jones is the answer for this club.