Ti-Cats cut Martin

More speed needed on DB and WR that simple.

As mentioned by others, it's terrible to see someone lose his job but it is a business and if you don't perform, well... :frowning:

On the bright side, it might now throw a bit of a monkey wrench into Calgary's game plan if they were setting up (and salivating) over going after Martin.

Now to target the potential replacement or weakness #2 (whoever/whatever that is deemed to be). An individual or the whole defensive scheme???

Kornegay is a likely replacement...

:thup: Cox needs to play more.

Martin was playing against one of the best slots in the league (Cahoon) but Ben was wide open way too often, and got a lot of yards after the catch. Would it get any easier with Copeland next week? Or Cahoon after that? Or Copeland again? Then Cahoon??? Nope.

Shaw needs to elevate his play. He wasn't very impressive at safety either.

Coulda kept Martin as a backup at least though.

The Cats need to keep two new DBs on the practise rooster and keep changing them until they get the right combo

PS: I suppose we could have tried to get our BEST DB (Goss) in coverage on Cahoon. But that would be one of them there adjustments folks have been speaking of - you know, the ones we don't seem to do?

PPS: But then Thyron Anderson may still have been too much for Martin to handle.

Sad to see him go, but it is a business and sometimes things like this happen.

I wish him all the best in the future and thank him for all his hard work and dedication to the team.


People complain when the team loses, yet complain when changes are made to prevent more loses.

It seems like the only constant here is the complaining.

Possible that this was done to send a message though, no? This should get the players’ attention more than a demotion to backup. Not that I disagree with the move. I could be wrong, though.

Poor Chris maybe he should have apologized in the paper and vowed never to let it happen again ....a pat on the bum by the coach and everything is fine again.

Good move that had to be done.

It's not yet enough. As Zontar says...he should have apologized and promised not to let it happen again.

Are our scouts looking for a kicker??? Perhaps that accounts for the delay.

I dont see why you people say sad to see him leave. The guy is a proffessional athelete. They are expected to play well and to their full potential. Martion obviously did not so i believe he should have been cut. Glad to see him gone. And i think in most places if you dont do your job well your fired as well?

There is a God in this hell hole called Hamilton!Thankyou!

Man, get a grip....

Martin was certainly not capable of covering the slots playing HB. The question remains, do we have someone else who can fill in? The depth chart has Kornegay as his backup. I'm not certain that he will be able to perform well enough either.

They may elect to move Cox into this spot, as he has played here in the past, and has come into camp a little lighter than in the past. He may be capable, but may not be the answer in the long run.

The other options all require cornerbacks to move into the halfback position (ie. Bradley or Justin). This will be an experiment at best, but may be required in the long run.

I have to agree it is a disapointment to see that after 4 games the coaches realize we have a problem. This should have been addressed long ago. With the exception of Cody, this is the same secondary that got burned frequently last year.

Hopefully we can find some imports who can fill our needs or make a trade. BC has a pretty banged up set of receivers, and quite frankly we have at least one too many, maybe we can make a deal.

that was actually the best post i've read all week

i have to agree with some of it,
however...i want the coaches to take resposibility too. In every other professional sport the coaches go, then the players. How good are the coaches? I have read alot of posts already about Greg Marshall and Kavis Reed, What about the position coach like Denis Mcphee, the d-line has not been getting sacks, or pressure the QB's...lets take a deeper look?! DB's we already are talking about Reed.

disgruntled fan :expressionless:

There's been a lot of talk in other sports about how that ISN'T such a good thing. In the NBA, when coaches were averaging less than a year and a half on the job back in 2003, people started talking about how the knee-jerk firings were a bad idea. Same thing happened in the NFL back in the late '90s. Since then, both sports have shifted to a philosophy of giving a coach several years to make his mark on the team, and it's been a major success in both leagues.

but these guys have already had three unsuccessful years...that is several to me.
how many excuses can you make for these guys?