Ti-Cats cut Martin

Just saw it on the CHML website




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good move.

tres bien!

Classy. I love the joy others take in seeing a guy LOSE HIS JOB.

Sorry to see Chris go. He played his heart out for us and is a great guy. Best of luck and I hope he catches on somewhere else. We didn't hurt him at all by switching him to LB and then back :roll:

Good point borehamgirl.

he knew wut he was doing.. just if only he was a bit quicker on his feet he woulda bin a solid player.. jus6t lacked the speed needed in the canadian game

Relax Borehamgirl

I made my point based solely on football of course I don't like seeing anyone lose their job. He had clearly slowed down and was extremely ineffective on the field.

I do not like it when a player is cut two games out of training camp. This means that someone made the wrong decision. Now all of a sudden the guy is not good enough to be on the team of 46. That just does not seem right. But something definately had to be done.

sad to see him go but we all new it had to be done.

Boreham's next :twisted:

Jamie Boreham better be next, he is a complete failure at his position .I do not care if he helps little old ladys cross the street ,l only care that he makes the fieldgoals,end of story !!!!

Yawn....this is getting pathetic. The post deals with Chris Martin. Like Borehamgirl I take no joy in seeing a human being lose their job. Turning this into another Jamie Boreham thread adds nothing to the discussion. For what its worth, Chris was caught between two positions, and in the current scheme, with the absence of safety help over the top just didn't have the speed to cover deep routes. Its a tough year to try and find employment. He has some skill but needs a team that can utilize his skills and compensate for his weaknesses. Cheers

The Cats had no choice but to cut Martin.

Martin was beaten badly and consistently throughout the Montreal game. It was obvious to everyone in the crowd, so teams reviewing game film would see it too. Consequently, every team in the league would have thrown Martin's way, starting with Burris this Thursday. Plus, Martin took very bad, undisciplined, anger-induced penalties against Toronto in week 1. Poor play + dumb play = pinkslip.

That said, I agree that Reed should be blamed for slotting Martin as the starting HB this year. Martin played that position when he first joined the Cats, and he stunk. In fact, I remember him being very poor in pass coverage two years ago. Why Reed would insert Martin back in that position this year is beyond me.

If I were Reed, I would insert Cox in Martin's spot to get Cox on the field more. Cox is a guy who has played HB successfully before. He's able to cover receivers, as well as come on blitzes if need be. And right now with Mariuz and Armour ahead of him at starting LB, Cox isn't getting the reps the team needs out of him.

Next up: bench Shaw and start Gordon, and bench Justin and start Bradley.

I agree, And insert Bradley in Martin’s spot.

Agreed. move somebody to Martin's spot and start Bradley.

once the lions release pikula, the cats better sign him, and cut boreham ’ the bum’…i refuse to go to another cats game aslong as this guy is on the roster…everytime u could feel the cats clawing back into the game, boreham would blow a easy FG, and kill all momentum…and that ruined my game experience.

( plus, ranek gets his #30 back, just as i said )

Is Don Brady really worse than everyone on our practice roster?

(reminder for greater emphasis: all-star still good enough to play on Grey Cup Champion one year ago)

couldnt of said it better. but id also bench Barrenechea and start brooks