Ti-cats collectible glass

I guess its a little off topic but I figured Id give it a shot!

Ive been to Jack Astors a few times for team events but never to watch an away game since they've been putting on these away game parties. Anyways, I hear they give out free Ti-cats collectible glasses and I happen to be a beer glass collector so Id like to get my hands on a set. I wont be able to make it out for the eastern final as I have plans to watch it with other people at someones house in brantford, so what Im proposing is a trade! I have 2 extra Kevin Glenn bobble head dolls that were given out earlier this year (no, I did not take extras...we bring extra people to games all the time in efforts to convert them into new ti-cat fans and the bobble head game was no different and 2 of the people we brought gave me theirs) so Id be willing to trade the 2 bobble heads for 2 of the glasses or if you just want 1 then Id trade 1 bobble head for 1 glass. So yeah, if there is anyone out there that has gone to Jack Astors or is going tomorrow and has 1 or more of these glasses that doesn't have a Kevin Glenn bobble head and wants to do a trade, let me know! Thanks a bunch