Ti-Cats bumped from CHML

I thought I heard on the radio that the Ti-Cat game tomorrow will not be broadcast on CHML, they are going to broadcast the Mac home opener instead. Both games are at the same time. The Cats game will be on Y108.

I know this is the first game at the new Ron Joyce Stadium, but should the Mac game be moved to Y108?

I am glad that both games will be on the radio, unlike the Toronto Arogance who get bumped completly off the radio to the internet when the Jays are playing.

It will be interesting which team has the better ratings.

8) Well if CHML does not broadcast the game, then that is a complete joke on their behalf !!
 If the Mac home opener takes preference over the CFL and the TiCats, then CHML is a bigger joke than I believed it to be.

 Let's face, who listens to that station, other than for TiCat games or news !!

 Yes, you are so right about the Argos being bumped off the Fan590, for the joke Jays broadcast.  So much for the CFL in Canada I guess  !!

 The CFL is treated like minor league football in it's own country  !!    Thank god for TSN !!

They got it Right
The CFL is Pro Ball and Should be on Better Sounding FM Radio.

Neither Tipper nor I will notice
the difference between FM and AM,

Tipper may not even know how
to switch his radio to FM. :roll: :wink:

By the way, how do you find
Y108 on the FM dial, ONknight. :wink:

Just kiddin' fellas. :lol:

8) What the heck is FM anyway Ron ??? :roll:
 What's going on here ???           <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

The only reason I can think of for putting the Cats on Y108 is that it may have a further broadcasting range.

However the traditional CHML audience may not even know there is such a thing as a FM band.

For that matter, what is this radio thing you guys are listening to Ticat games on? From about 1920 on they've had this thing called a television that mixes sound with pictures - an excellent device for describing what is happening in this very visual game called football. :wink:

I can’t get my rabbit ears to work :?

FM has shorter range. I used to listen to 'Cat games in my driveway in Nova Scotia because you get the bounce off of the ionosphere with AM.

Ah. It must be retro week in the CFL. :slight_smile:

8) Ok, you guys have convinced me !! I will try this television thing tomorrow night and see how I make out with it viewing the TiCats vs Edmonton game !! Wish me luck !!! :roll: :wink:

I knew it, Tipper.

You're at a loss as to how
to work 'that radio thingy' :?

You will lose out on the benefits
of listening to Coach Sal's analysis.

I will mute the sound on my TV
and listen to the game on Y108. :thup:

Tipper, have you figured out
how to mute the sound on

that 'TV thingy' of yours? :smiley:


Thanks for playing along, folks.

I vote we put this thing to bed. :slight_smile:

The Mac Game is on CHML.

The TiCat Game is on Y108.

The 5th Quarter is on CHML.

Mark, I know you are a teacher at a college, yet I must correct you on your last post. The radio waves do NOT "bounce" off the ionosphere, the "refract" THROUGH it.