Ti-Cats & Bombers

We are in for a good one I say, as this game has all the hype one would expect at this time of the season and then some. A Hamilton win will be huge in the standings for them, but a Blue Bomber victory would open the door slightly for Toronto (within distance of Hamilton) at home next week vs Lions. For Hamilton at home: The Als from Montreal.

Now if only some TiCat fans will bet on the avatar with me.

I think people are beginning to fear the peg, my friend.

In other news, it looks like Rod Smith will be the play-by-play man alongside Duane Forde tonight:

I know that all of you Rod Black fans will be crushed by this news.

Weather looks great, except for hurricane Irene force winds.

[url=http://unisports.me/stream.php?id=M14d7c21c9f17a7387ca7f0998b94c70b110728120931&msg=1&matchname=Hamilton%20Tiger-Cats%20vs%20Winnipeg%20Blue%20Bombers]http://unisports.me/stream.php?id=M14d7 ... %20Bombers[/url]

Possible online link with the apparent ESPN3 feed for those of you in the US.

Man the talk in this forum for the last week was almost as bad as in February after the Super Bowl with half the posts about expansion and most of the other half about anything but football. :roll:

GAME ON! :rockin:

I bet a either a defensive turnover for TD or field goal happens before an offensive TD in this game.

Hamilton is creeping up on getting the better field position thus far.

Called it - Winnipeg with the Pick-6. :stuck_out_tongue:

66 yard turnover for the Major...7-0 Winnipeg

Or he just needs a new bet. He's been rocking the avy bet for almost a month now. :lol:

Who's calling the game with Forde? It sounds like the Dutch.

Rod Smith

Who the hell is that? :lol: Doesn't matter. It's nice to have a night without Black. His voice just threw me. I wasn't expecting it. :lol:

From TSN Sports

Yeah and Duane Forde's voice clashes a lot with this guy named "Claude" I think. Now Duane sounds more annoying.

That Prairie dozen penalty is a killer

[url=http://unisports.me/stream.php?id=M14d7c21c9f17a7387ca7f0998b94c70b110728120931&msg=2&matchname=Hamilton%20Tiger-Cats%20vs%20Winnipeg%20Blue%20Bombers]http://unisports.me/stream.php?id=M14d7 ... %20Bombers[/url]

Way better link here and the actual TSN feed I think -- HD in picture and a smoother stream too.

Unless of course you are aided by a lame call

:lol: That's awesome!

lol… thanks!

:lol: :D

Good game so far.