Get Jones in there. We didn't sign him to be Brady's back up. Recievers are catching balls. Put in the QB that will get the ball to them. The Tabbies will win tonight.

Ohhhh...Goss, I love ya, but bad call to go after the ball.

Shoot! Good catch though.

Damn. I hate Winterpeg. Tough night for the Cats. Get Morreale out of there! Why the hell does he still have a job? This just isn't their night. I really thought they'd win, with strong performances against Edmonton, Montreal, Saskatchewan, I really thought they get one in the win colum finally. I just hope it doesn't finally come on Labour Day.

Buddy, I couldn't agree with you more on Morreale. He hasn't been the same since his Grey Cup Outstanding Canadian preformance. Other than that, we are a bad team. You have no idea how hard it is to say that. There's being loyal to your team, and then there is being realistic. And we are a poor football team. And the owners and management don't seem to care. This is the most horribly run football team in pro football. If Yeast get traded after this, I'm going with him.

Do we ever waste Davis. Why would he want to say with us?

Yeah we won! And by the biggest blowout of the year. Maybe if we win the 2 games against Ottawa we still have a chance to cross over, but keep in mind this is Hamilton that we beat...so it doesn't really prove anything. Hopefully we can stay on the right track though.

agreed, good job bombers...? lol!

Anytime you beat a team by 30 points that most people on this forum picked to defeat you does prove something.

I was there. Great game by the Bombers. Who knows the playoffs aren't that crazy a dream at this point the way Saskatchewan has been playing. I hope the Bombers finally start getting some respect on this forum, though I doubt we will unless we can beat Ottawa next week.

It was a fun game to watch at the stadium last night. I thought that everyone on the ers stepped it up. Jones should definately be the man for the Ti-Cats. He got things done. If he would have been in the whole game it may have been closer. I mean, you have an MVP player and you put an unproven bonehead in to start? I wouldn't be surprised if Greg Marshall is gone soon. Funny that Kamau Peterson starts catching a few after being traded....but he did drop a few as well. All around satisfied with Winnipeg's victory no matter who it was against. There have been other close games for them as well. We could be at 4-4 right now. Let's hope we can get some momentum going.

ottawa will beat winnipeg next week....
BUT with sask. having a bye week, and calgary losing to montreal, winnipeg will stay ONLY 2 points back for the 3rd western playoff spot.

week after that winnipeg play hamilton again, and will get that needed 2 points, while sask. will lose to BC and calgary will lose to toronto....

so there will be a three way tie for 3rd in the west: winnipeg, sask, and calgary all with 6 points!!!

Ottawa has been solid this season no doubt, but I dont think they have the fire power on offense, two squeakers against Sask and Ham, which their defense pretty much won, I dont think they will beat the Bombers in Winnipeg.

squeaker against hamilton????......i was there...thats wasn't a squeaker....they were tied 5-5, then dominated the second half. they won by 16!....

Winnipeg is going to give the Ren's some real problems if they can play like they did against Ham.......I always said the Bombers aren't as bad as a lot of people tried to paint them.....keep us under-rated... and WE will come away with the 2 points.... :lol:

This Friday will be a crazy game. Bombers and The Rens. Bombers know this is an important game if we want to keep our chances alive in making the play-offs. Come On Bombers! You can do it! :smiley:

You never know. One year ago, LaDainian Tomlinson was a free agent in the NFL. He was offered trucks of money by 14 different teams. And he decided to stay with the perennial losers that were the Chargers. He said "I hate it when players just sign with a Superbowl contender to enhance their chances of making it. I want to be a factor in turning a bad team around."

And he did. Last season, the Chargers won their division.