Ti-Cats @ Bombers - Thu 2 Jul 15 - Game Day Thread!

Didn't see one posted yet, so let's go!

Home opener for Winnipeg, who are coming off a great and (imo) surprising win against SSK last week. Ti-Cats ready to start Week 2 after a last second heartbreak in a Week 1 Grey Cup rematch.

Weather is great in Winnipeg, great night for football.


Well Brandon Banks is still pro-rated to have 18 return TDs this year... :lol:

I said it last week, and I'll say it again this week, Brandon Banks will be the 2015 CFL MOP.
(Barring any injury of course.)

You could see that blitz on Willy from a mile away. Hate to see those helmet-on-helmet hits.

As an aside, while I don't hate the tandem of Rod Black and Duane Ford like a lot of forum members here do, I DO wish that TSN would make Miller and Dunigan the number 2 broadcast team. Personally I think they should be the number 1 team, but that won't happen.
I think they are the best pairing of the 3.

Close game..

Looks like the Riders were just that bad last week!!

Looks like Willy is gone from a concussion.
Wow, we are running out of QB's in the league.

Add pick six to insult!

BB down to earth this week.

Reassess Willy at halftime??? I'm thinking when they let a woozy Buck Pierce play in the 2nd half. Looks like this game might get out of hand soon, so don't take a chance on somebody's health.

With Brohm struggling, they have to bring in Marve the hotshot.

I've stopped watching as I have a book I would rather read, but it seems to me the pass interference call in the second quarter (I usually put my CFL games on tape delay) was weak enough to let it go.

You mean the grab of the sweater from behind??

Yea weak!


Gary Etcheverry must be enjoying this game.

My wife just asked me: "So, KP2, what is the record for points against in a game anyway?"

I hate it when she's like that ...

Agreed 100%.

With the way QBs have dropped so far this season, how soon do you pull Collaros if you're Austin? I'd be tempted to play the back ups all 2nd half.

Well, this got ugly fast.

Time to look for a movie.
I don't need to watch the Ti-cats second and third-stringers. :frowning:

I'd agree... I'd like to see Matthews get some real time, kids got game.... he needs the experience!

Just turned it on... Holy Crap!!!

There we go the real Bombers have showed up today. Could make a fortune selling paper bags at the Bomber stadium. Bisons could put on a better showing at least they would try harder. Hockey season can not start soon enough in Wpg. save your money for the Jets the real professional team in Winnipeg.