Ti-Cats - Boatmen Pre-Season Game Thread

It's the Ticats and Argos final tune-up game.

If anyone wants to post comments on the game you can do it here

Two and out for the Argos. Ricky Ray not doing much in his first drive of the season.
Ticats have the ball

Austin says Collaros is coming along, guess we will see how far he is tonight

Hi folks!

Hiya Russ

Collaros seems to be using Tasker a lot off the start

Medlock is good from the 40 3-0 Cats

Collaros, did better than Ray and is able to muster a fieldgoal
Ti-Cats 3
Argos 0

Video of the game is being streamed on tsn.ca*

*if you're on Bell or Rogers.

Ugh... bad guys with the major

Pending PAT 7-3 ugly team

THAT is just stupid.... I'm sure it's pissing a lot of people off

The Ticat secondary is playing as if it's preseason.
Ticats 3
Argos 7

The Ticat O-line is getting run over, they'll need to shore that up a bit more by next Sunday.

Zach is finding holes in the Argo D


Ugh.. Collaros is sacked!

The O-line has some starters out but their depth is a concern, they haven't sounded like they have been playing very good

The Cats have things to clean up, but it seems Collaros is making plays in spite of the line's play.

14-6 Evil after the Medlock FG.

The Ti-Cat defence is more like holy Swiss cheese than a sharp Canadian cheddar


21-6 for that ugly blew team

Not good so far