ti-cats beat the argo's on thursday

ti-cats are going to beat the argos 25-20

what are your predictions

Chang, no chance man. No chance for the Cats in this one. Argos by 10 at least.

Argos: No running game; no-name receiving corps; coaches yelling at each other on the sidelines; susceptible to the run.

So.........if Jesse's healthy and they use him, Cats can win this one.

I'm not saying that they WILL, but I would never, in the CFL, say something like "no chance man".............in this league, there's always a chance.

I think Ticats will blow Argos out of the stadium if Argos play on offence like they did last week, no offensive td.

Only way I see Argos winning this…Bishop comes off the bench and does his thing.

Will Stubler put Bishop in if/when Kerry falters? I am not sure Stubler has the authority to play Bishop, other than injury? So it remains to be seen.

As soon as this Kerry Joseph experiment is over, Argos can return to winning ways.

So if Bishop is not in, I say GO TICATS!!!


No Printers.
No Lumsden.
No way.
I wish it wasn’t so. My loyalties are always divided when the Ti-Cats play the Argos.

31-20 Argos.

You are the most irrational poster...

I doubt the author wants you to hijack his thread for you to pick a fight with yours truly, so why dont you take your head out of Joseph`s behind and accept that people have different opinions.

If you were at the game on Friday, you would know that many share my view on the qb front. Did you not see the Bishop should start signs and the chanting for Bishop, it did make the jumbo tron.

When a qb can not even lead the team to a single offensive td, its time for someone else.

I put you on ignore.

Go Ticats

the cats dont have thier starting QB, starting RB or main deep threat in the lineup.

thier coaches dont yell at eachother, but they dont do much at all anyways. especially calling the right plays.

as much as id love to see the tabbies pound out a win, it aint happening.

isnt this the reason they got KJ in the first place?
the only time bish scored TD last year, was when byron parker and his defensive teammates would make an interception and return it to the red zone, giving bish the short field ( lord knows he cant make a drive to the red zone on his own ).

every game the argos won last year, was on the back of the defence and special teams, not bish. bish went a few games without offensive TD that HE earned.

That is just ridiculous! I went through the same crap with sweetness, he put out the same false statements.

How many times has Joseph been given the ball inside the opponents 50 yard line and come away with zip? To many times to mention. Fridays game Joseph was set up inside the 50 atleast once and fg`s was all we could get.

Fact remains, last year Argos never came away from a game with out atleast getting 1 offensive td. I checked!

you do no that tony Miles only ever caught maybe 1 ball that was more than 20 yards in his 4 games right?

i'd say the deep threat is Prechea Rodriguez. in 3 CFL games the guy has 4 catches of more than 40 yards.

and as for not having the starting QB, Richie Williams probably played better last week than Casey Printers had in the previous 5 games.

And Tre Smith and Terry Caulley should get the job done running the ball against the leagues worst run defence.

False statements?


If you're going to make a post like that, then point to the "false statements".

I've been pointing out factual evidence and unless that information has been altered - i.e. cfl.ca "incorrectly" pointing out that Michael Bishop is, indeed, a lean, mean INT machine - then I apologize to you.

Secondly, I'm not stupid, the offense sucked... Joseph was pedestrian. Then again, they looked just fine beating the Eskies just a few weeks back - please tell me that you remember that game. Perhaps credit to the defensive scheme of the Bombers is needed?

But that can't be right. We could never take into account the abilities of the other team...

While we dish the positive vibes out, how about some props to the D corps! Holy man did they play well - to the standards they have set over the years.

Perhaps this is all a sign of the dire need we have for an actual running game. I mean, cripes, last season, the most rushing TD's on the team was 3! Shared by Robert Edwards and John Avery! (Is that wrong? Is that a false statement? Hmmm... lets look it up.) I'm sure a semblance of a running game would help the offense - NO MATTER who the QB was... just so you didn't think I was picking sides.

Lastly, "Argofanone" is it a dumb question to ask if you are an Argo's fan? Why should we "root for the Ticats"? Because we don't like the QB choice?

That's a rational statement?

Just on the false statement bit...you said Bishop had a game last season where there was no offensive td. Untrue I checked.

The one game that we where held to 7 points, lowest out put of the year, week 12 against the Lions. We where blown out 40-7. Yes Bishop had 3 ints but the offense did score a td.

thats the only false statement I suggested you made, perhaps my language was harsh, sorry for that!

You where the one that attacked me on 2 different occasions. I never said anything of any harm to you until your last attack on me.

Yes it was untrue. Bishop never had a game in 2007 where the offense did not score a td. I never said he had a great game, I only stated the fact that with Bishop at the helm in 2007, there was never a game when the offense did not score a td.

As for NOT being a Argo fan at present... I guess that would have to be true! IT PAINS ME TO SAY IT!!!

I live breath CFL /ARGOS, at the moment I am just a CFL fan.
And yes it is just because of the QB situation!!!

Pinball and the front office (mostly Pinball) are making the Gliebermans look good.

as for my name argofanone??

My email address has been Argofan1@. for years and years, ever since I was on the net.

I did come here several years ago, so when I returned recently they would not register me because I had already registered some years ago. So I hit the button that says forgot name etc, because I had forgotten my username etc. They ask for your email address and then I guess just by default gave me the name on it`s own? Argofan1 was already taken I guess so the computer on its own decided I should be argofanone.

I live far north now and am unable to attend games anymore. I have a shirt I used to wear to the games, says "CFL FOREVER" on the back and "NFL SUCKS" on the front. I have greeted the ARGOS with friends at Pearson Int Airport more than a couple times.

in 1987 my brother and myself met the Argos at the airport after beating the Bombers 19-3 in the East final. Got my football signed by coach OB and all the players. We threw the ball around at the airport with some of the guys, including a cop.

We made the front right hand corner of the Toronto Sun the next day, we where basically the only ones that met them with the exception of the players ,coaches family`s. They all thanked us for coming, we had Argo flags on hockey sticks and we wore old Argo helmets.

We told the media this was just a dress rehersal for the Grey Cup celebration, and our pictures with that phrase was on the paper. The helmets and framed front page of the Sun are in my recroom.

So yes it is strange to be rooting against my team. Seems kind of "UN HOLY" but that is what I am doing.

i never said he had games with 0 offensive TDs…i said UN EARNED.

the defence or special teams gave him a very short field in most of his TDs.

Sweetness said he had a game with no offensive td.

Joseph broke that tonight in the first half. But in the entire second half Joseph took them to a FG! Now that is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

I forget how it went, but sure... I'm so far from always being right! :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, I appreciate your candor in your first post of the night.

Secondly, I ended up sitting 11 rows behind the bench tonight and I have a few things to note.

  • I thought the first half was fantastic
  • the second half sucked... if you're an Argo fan... man did the Ti-Cats light it up.
  • Hamilton is much better right now with Richie Williams... duh!
  • Setta is the man... amazing kicker
  • Vanderjagt... not so much... though, I still like him kicking the FG's
  • Bishop has nothing to do with Joseph on the sidelines... that, to me, is alarming and speaks to the issues the Argo's have
  • Joseph seems lost when he comes back to the bench
  • I couldn't hear the words, but I didn't enjoy seeing Bishop laughing with the crowd near the end of the game and then turning to the 'blue shirts' standing at the end and crackin' jokes with 'em... do you care Bishop?

I think it should be noted that I play devil's advocate a lot. I hate rush to judgement without really considering much of the facts - something I am not perfect at myself.

That being said, tonight, from where I was, this appears to be a Bishop team. Either that, or there are issues behind the scene that is not being fixed. I watched the O-Line getting ready to jump on the field in the fourth, chattin' with Bishop. I don't recall Joseph doing that.

I do still believe that Joseph is the better QB. But I do think the pressure. The hype. The BS. The whatever is getting him. Kerry doesn't seem loose out there. Bishop, looks cool and just waiting for his chance. He seems to be confident too.

Why did the Argo's get Joseph? Was it because he's the Grey Cup champ and MVP? Was it the name? Did they need an upgrade? Were they worried about not having a good backup? I thought the latter had a lot to do with it... but I wonder if there's more to it.

Statistically, Bishop doesn't stand with Joseph... but sometimes stats need to be pitched out the window.


Good win Ti-Cats! Helluva effort!

well that had to be one of the most inaccurate predictions i have ever seen.

You're right. But last nights attendance figures would indicate many Ti-Cat fans were no more optimistic.

I have a three hour drive to the game, 4 hours if it's rush hour, and I had second thoughts about making the trip. I figured with Printers and Lumsden gone, the Cats 1-5 record, and the threat of thunder storms, why bother. But I did make the trip and I'm glad I did.

It was great seeing the Cats put together a complete game. Offense, Defense, and special teams. The fans deserved that one.

What have the Argos done to their franchise?

Unseated a perfectly good starting QB in Bishop for Joseph, who is struggling big-time.

Promoted their best assistant to a position where he has no skill.

Hiring someone many times his inferior in skill to manage the defense.

Continuing to keep an ineffective QB in the game despite the fact that a perfectly capable QB is standing on the sidelines.

The sad irony of all this is that the coach who has proven that he can get the best out of Joseph is the same man the Argos fired a few years ago from the O.C. position -- Kent Austin.

Very good post.

The coaching changes must have an impact that is setting many things askew.