Ti-Cats at Riders Game thread

yeah, fair enough lol. I like Bergquist, interested in seeing how he does. I think he should've started, Dinwiddie won't be a starter, see what Bergquist has.

That wind must be crazy out there! Medlock is normally money punting the ball!

Okay all these non-catches are downright ugly.

Milo tied a CFL record held by Zenon Adrusyshyn -Tor - Sept.14th 1977 at Cal.

well that was a short lived game for Cole..

what are they doing?

and WEST!! damn!

hahaha.. average punt: 108.0 to 23.3

that just looks funny

.. I wonder how far Medlock can kick it with that wind? 80 yards in the air?

thanks man. it almost worked but not quite.

Can't figure out why TSN only streams the Friday night games.

Receivers forgot their hands today

On that play; looked like the Rider player was worried about stepping/being out of bounds and took his eye off the ball.

These guys are playing for jobs at this point. They better start catching 'em.

wow 5yds from breaking our Passing TD streak... damn. :x

Nice catch by Baker! If only he was a little faster! Hopefully we can capitalize on this!!


They are pros, if they want a job next year, better start catching the ball.

man Baker is slow. great play though.

what's up with these receivers? even Dressler is having issues hanging on to the ball.

That`s what I was thinking! He looked like he was running in slow motion!

Just signing on. Been watching since end of the 1st quarter. My observations: receivers, even usually reliable ones, can't catch - wind has to be a factor; West can't catch - won't help the Cates detractors; and the riders like to be in the red zone and not get at TD. man, they have mental issues ...

Yeah, he didn't do himself a favour for next year with that blinding speed, but I gotta admit the catch was good concentration.

looked like he tried to let up.. it was a pretty soft bump, I don't think I like that call