Ti-Cats at Riders Game thread

wow, no thread yet.

So, the Riders are looking or a win.. is it going to happen?

I hope so

AND NO ROD BLACK! :lol: :thup:

you beat me to it! Sorry I started one at like the same time! Congrats to Clermont on reaching 500 career receptions! :thup:

The commentators didn`t even mention it! :thdn:

As much as I am a 'Cats fan I'd really like to see Dinwiddie have a good game. Also looking forward to seeing Bergquist as I met his dad once.

That Thomas guy on the Ti-cats sure can lay down the boom!

Look at all those empty seats :wink:

I know how Freeman has so many tackles now, no one else on this can tackle so he is having to make all of them for the Riders!

anyone know how i could watch this game online? im at work

What's up with Dressler? He's normally sure handed but that's three thrown his way that he's been unable to squeeze.

cause he wants to stay warm..... :lol:

What are you thinking Dimmwiddie?

108 yard punt for a single!

WOW Milo sure boomed a punt there!! 108 yards!! Yes it bounced for nearly 40, but he got a hold of that thing with the wind at his back!!!

that he wasn't going to get the first down so he may as well try to throw it to someone who can?

haha that punt was epic

yay Berqy!!! finally

Get to see Bergquist now! Hopefully the kid shows some promise!!

wish i could be watching the game...

I know but make the throw catchable! Finally get to see Cole play and smartly with the wind. Go Cole!!!

Thanks for the 20 bucks HfX. I bet a buddy that I'm watching the game with that you would post this exact thing before the first touchdown was scored. Cha Ching.

Try this site http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index/_/source/espn3/id/272908/

It works with some internets, not sure if it will work in Canada.