Ti-Cats at Eskimos

The game starts in roughly 30 minutes, so I thought I'd get the game topic up. I'm excited about tonight's game. The Eskimos will get sweet revenge, and not only that, but we'll hand the Tiger-Cats their first two-game losing streak of the season. You're welcome, Ti-Cats fans! :smiley:

But seriously, I'm hoping for a win. I'm greedy. I want sole possession of first in the West!!! :twisted:

This should be a very good game. The Esks should prevail but the way Hamilton has been playing this year it might be close.

I'm just grateful, after this gawdawful Raider game, for the CFL.

Yeah should be a good game!

Rooting for the Esks but won't be surprised if Hamilton comes and snatches it.

Lets go Tabbies!!! sorry Chief :smiley: although I have my doubts that th cats will win this one.

Good call...no push from that pussy o-line...wasted challenge. :thdn:

Can you challenge the spot?

I see the way it is, Stamps... :x

Figures when I say the Eskimos will be fine without McCarty tonight, Whitlock drops a pass. He better shake that off. ... Oh well. Looks like he'll have a few minutes on the sidelines to shake it off since the O-Line couldn't give Ray half a beeping yard.

Pretty good start for Hamilton..

I guess that's why you shouldn't gamble on 3 and inches on your own 45

TD Cats

AWESOME! So, like, was Buhl aware that he had to guard Bruce? I only ask because dude looked a little lost… :expressionless:

Ominous start for the green and gold.

Geez I hate when teams are afraid to kick deep!!

Ya know, a passing thought. That freakin' field looks so crisp in the sunshine...real football.

....typical RR snooze in the first half...that guy needs a little more intensity. It's good to be cool under fire but, a little fire of his own would be refreshing. The Ivan Lendl of football?

Friggin Eskimos piss me off so much...

In HD of course :smiley:

So chief, how do ya like whitlock now?

I'll be honest, I have to give him credit for pushing through on that run because that play was soo obvious. I thought for sure he was going to be stopped at the LOS.

I can't help it though, I still keep waiting for him to cough up the ball :lol:

Where’s McCarty? I thought they had a platoon situation going on there.