Ti-Cats at Als - 10/22/17

Darian Durant returns as the starting QB as today is the 1st practice since the team was officially eliminated from the playoffs.

Philip Blake must stil be injured as Chris Greaves comes off the 6-game injured list.

Tiquan Underwood and Dominique Tovell were both released.

Tovell was sold to us as Jesus this summer. Do the Habs and Alouettes have the same scouting staff?

Int. LB Dominique Tovell was having a great season,until he was injured-concussion- in game 8 against the Argos. Was back for games 15 and 16,but did not seem the same. Reason for his release?

Tovell was never mentioned as the "saviour"; in fact, after the release of Bear Woods everyone expected that Sarao,which had had great "camp" in Florida and training camp, was seen as the replacement.


Oh yes your right, in fact Tovelle took Sarao’s job kind of thing. Where is Sarao anyway?

Anthony Sarao is on the 6 game injured list.

With the releases of Tovell and Underwood and the transfer of Rutley to 1 game injured list, there are a minimum of 2 players that can be added to active roster. I expect Int. LB Reggie Northrup to replace Tovell and 1 of Int. RB/WR Amir Carlisle or Int.WR Eugene Lewis or Int. DT Justin Zimmer to be added/to dress.

The "spot" on the roster with the transfer of Rutley to 1game injured list was taken by Nat. OL Chris Greaves who was removed from the 6 game injured list,as okie wrote. If Blake is placed on injured list,then 3 Int. players will be added to active roster,i.e. Northrup and 2 of Carlisle,Lewis and Zimmer.

My preference would be: Northrup, Carlisle and Zimmer. If Lewis does dress, I expect that only 1 of Carlisle and Zimmer will dress


Sarao should be eligible to come off the 6-game so if that is true, I would expect him to be starting on Sunday.

Nik Lewis is back practice which likely means he gets the start with TJ Graham coming in on 5-receiver sets taking the spot formerly occupied by Tiquan Underwood.

They released the guy who was superior to Bear Woods? Wow!

Richard. I have a question for you. Serious not sarcastic... How do you evaluate a Middle Linebacker at spring camp with 4 practices with no pads and no hitting and give him the job over the Eastern Defensive Player of the year before camp even starts?

If that isn't being sold as Jesus. I don't know what is.

Yes, start Durant.

He needs the practice and playing time to become better next season.

Our number one QB prospect, darian Durant.

First HfxTC, teams in training camps are allowed to put pads and make tackles. Second, Tovell was early in training camp and played in the 2 pre-season games. Third, when injured against the Argos-game eight- he had 44 defensive tackles and a projection of 97 for 18 games.

Nobody named him the name that you and mike wrote.

No matter what I write, you are the expert.


Thanks for the reply Richard. Too bad for the dig... The reality is the lineup at the Koolaid punch bowl is getting shorter every day.

By the time they saw Tovell hit and practice with CFL'ers in training camp Bear was already gone.

According to Transactions,

To Active Roster
DB Mikaël Charland
LB Reggie Northrup
DB Dominique Termansen

To Practice Roster
WR Stephen Adekolu
LS Chad Bushley
OL Timothy Mitchell

To Disabled List
DB Tyree Hollins

Kavis Reed's replies to questions asked today by the media.

Kavis on the radio tonight with Alfieri/Hebert:

  • Tovell and Underwood released because they had no culture, did not know who Beethoven or Picasso were. Actually because they want to look at Northrup and Eugene Lewis.

  • Durant will be back at QB basically because they want to give him one last chance to sink or swim.

  • Kavis very high on Shiltz and said he will see action.

  • Kyries seems to be a very big fan of Kavis.

  • Kavis again talked about creating culture - players practicing hard, watching extra film, etc.
    But Kavis if the talent isnt there it doesnt matter how hard a guy works.

Yeah but if Kavis admitted hard work can't overcome lack of talent for the job. He'd have to fire himself.

I believe that it was Sarao who was touted as the best replacement for Bear Woods at training camp. I am hoping to see Shiltz getting some reps. We should be playing for next season although Durant represents the best QB at this point rather than a rookie as the team is hoping to draw as many fans as is possible in this game.The only drawing card I can to think of is to make public these last two games as a battle for third place in the standings.
[justify]As I will be in transit from Auckland to Toronto. I am hoping that the wonderful person who sometimes transcribes Alouette games will put this one on You Tube. we Our Alouette season is at the point of winding down and,I do hope that we`ll get some decent play in these games. Better to go down with a bang rather than a wimper.[/justify]

Well HfxTC, it seems that to someone, you are the "expert". At least you are not facetious and a sycophant to the Alouettes...

Want to give DD the chance to sink or swim?
Was he not given that chance up to two games ago?!

In a nothing game Reed in his infinite wisdom is going to give his $400k 34 year old another shot, rather than having the young QB start and see what he can do.

Reed and Bergevin (Habs GM) sure do have some kind of job security.

As an outsider I'm very surprised about Tovell. He started at MLB as a rookie in game 1, and looked good. Big size for CFL, but had a good motor. I thought he was a young guy the team might build around (with Dozier, Wright, Mincy, etc).
I didn't think he was bad in Week 16 after he returned from injury, but that could be the reason.
You think they would just sit him, instead of giving up on him. Possibly he didn't want to move to the Practice Squad. Or perhaps lingering effects of concussion made him no longer want to play.

So they are playing DD in hopes of giving him another chance?

So what, if he wins, he returns for 2018?

FFS, go ticats

Again "The Great Kazoo" Says one thing to the fans and does the opposite, he's been doing that since his time in Edmonton, Rider fans say even earlier. He's a serial liar who thinks everybody is dumb or that he is smarter than everyone.

Kazoo is building foundations by using the last 3 games to allow Durant to keep his job because according to Kazoo, Durant is owed that and deserves it !!! Which highlights his "two faces" persona. SJ didn't deserve the opportunity to prove himself, he didn't deserve it like Durant does.

And then he blames fans and society for not understanding "the process" but gives himself a pass for firing Thorpe and JC.

Kavis Reed makes me sick to my stomach. Frankly, I don't think I've come across that combination of incompetence and arrogance in another sports executive. No wonder the fanbase has never been this enraged.