I didn't see anything on this Eakin guy last week. What I see is ok. Obvioulsy the game is really early, but it's kinda creepy to see how cool this guy is. His pass to Hill was almost pick, the camera panned to him, and he looked like he'd just hit a wide open man. Mr. Cucumber. If this guy is that cool, I like him already.

41 000 at tonites game, according to TSN

attendance in Toronto has improved dramaticly over the last few years!

i expect the argos to sell out EVERY game in 2007...the year they host the Grey Cup.

Ya know, I think T.O. is starting to shed it's "anti-CLF" image it got in the 80's and 90's when the Canadian Football League would only make it to the front page of the Sports section if it would make us look bad.

Good job tonight Toronto!

TSN just said the argos have now AVERAGED 30 000 this year AND the blue jays averaged 24 000.......so TSN just informed all viewers that the ARGOS are more popular than the blue jays....nice to have a media source acknowledge it.

that 30 000 average woulda been higher had the argos not played 2 wednesday games this year...those games drew 24 000 each.

I also saw that Yeast is returning punts. I think Yeast should always get the ball, but, he is an amazing return man.

3-0 TO

just stating the obvious

10-0 Argos....see if hamilton can score a point this time....hahahaha

I really wish I had something to retalliate? :roll: But it’s true. :frowning:

11-0 TO (I'm counting the AP)

17 to 0 (w/o AP)

19 to 0 (with AP)

yes yes, got heard and laugh, I love bring happiness to the world.

C'mon Eakin. This is a game of "What have you done for my lately" and starting to forget last week real quickly.

And I think someone is trying to steal Lumsden's thunder as the Great Canadian RB.



looks like the shutout will end soon enough, tho.....ticats on the 4 yard line

aw, Dgod, the Cats will put up a point before this game is over. they aren't that bad, even though they have disappointed me because of there new logo.

the new logo is way better.....the old one was an ugly blob of orange and black....couldnt even tell it was supposed to make an image.....

but if you prefer old and tatered, then i'd hate to see your closet...hahaha

STUFFED at the 1.....still 17-0.....the SHUTOUT CONTINUES

Great second effort Jesse! :roll:

i would blame that play on the coaches, not jesse......they had plenty of time to talk it over, and thats the BEST plan the coaches could think of?

I swear to God, if Greg puts McManus in, I'm trading myself to another team. Or I should say, I'm declaring Free Agency.

well....the argos just gave 2 points to charity