Ti-Cats/Argos (June17)

I can't listen to the game, so you guys are going to have to fill me in (if you go). I want Sankey to start the game because I think he has the most confidence out of QB's. What I saw in Halifax makes him my #2 after Danny. Yes, I still think the #1 job is Danny's..to lose. If that Suter kid has a game anything like the Halifax game, then he has to go. Important or not, I still want the win! What are you boys/girls looking for tonight?

I'll be there looking for the Argos to extend that streak against the Ticats. We have to enjoy this as long as we can.

So what do you think of Bishop. Is he still loved in TO? I think he is a butthole for thinking he can hold the Argos ransom just because he had one good year in Arena Football. Seriously, arena football?

Bishop has all of the tools that a great quarterback should have, except for the brain. Sometimes, he forgets to use it and that gets a little frustrating. He had a pretty good game in Hamilton, but then again, it was the Tigercats. He did not hold the Argos to ransom at all. He showed up at training camp when his season was over, and he had visited with his family for a while. Argos knew all about his plans.