Ti-Cats - Argos game not on TSN4 - basketball instead

Well if ever there was any doubt the CFL is not getting all it should be getting out of its TSN contract - there isn't much doubt any more.

Some basic cable subscribers in Southern Ontario only get TSN4 - because it is the main TSN channel for Southern Ontario. It is the TSN channel that carries Leafs regional games. But those people won't be able to see the Ti-Cats - Argos rematch tomorrow night because TSN4 is showing FIBA basketball tomorrow night on TSN4.

They are also showing NASCAR on TSN3. So the Cats - Argos game will only be on TSN1 and TSN5.

That's the equivalent of showing a game between two Southern Ontario teams on Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet East but not on Sportsnet Ontario.


Watch online and run HDMI cable from your laptop/computer to your TV. Do it when I have to watch game in my room since I don't Hi Def receiver in my room. Works well.

If your a sports fan , get all 5 . It's not all that expensive. They have 5 channels for a reason and it's not to show the same thing on all 5 channels.

man, I don't get what is going on out east.

All we have is the original 2 tsn and we have seen every game, except maybe one, or part of one.

Clearly there are ways around the inconvenience, but I don't think that's the point. The CFL should ensure that viewers, whether they're are dedicated sports/football fans or not (and maybe especially if they're not) can have the easiest possible access to its product. It's tough to grow your revenues if you make the customer jump through too many hoops to get to what you're trying to sell.

how is tsn 1 not the main tsn across Canada?

Manitoba has the 5 TSN channels. I just ordered them all and I don't have to worry about missing Irish Hurling on TSN 5 on Wednesdays :roll:

That's what I don't get ??

we can get the other 3, just haven't needed to

I think I've been as cynical as anyone about this contract, so it comes as no surprise to me. the target market for the game is being shunned. So when they say that southern ontario is a problem spot for the CFL, they can really only blame themselves

are you people complaining to tsn about this. are you demanding answers and change. I would be. I often get results by doing so.

when eastlink bought delta cable and did some switching around, they ended up not having the music station for the 70's. I complained and got it back lickety split

Yup. :thup:

The reason TSN 1 gets all the games, is because its the BC/AB regional channel and TSN does not have a regional package deal with the 3 NHL teams in the area.
TSN 3 is Man/Sask, but prior to the 5 channels, it was a Winnipeg Jets regional channel. When they created the 5 Man/Sask was lumped together on TSN 3. Because this was the Jets regional channel, they get priority.
TSN 4 is Southern Ontario, and clearly TSN is trying to capture the upswing in Basketball there.
TSN 5 is Ottawa East, and the Ottawa Senators get priority as this was the Senators regional channel.

TSN 2 is the National Secondary channel. However, I don't think TSN uses it properly, as Sunday there is two hours of repeat programming on it, while there is a CFL game, yet the CFL game is only shown on 3 of 4 regional channels.

I think the issue for the CFL is that the contract was for National broadcasts, yet with the change to TSN some regions are missing out in a large portion of games. This is a situation that the CFL should not look lightly on. Of course, the CFL is probably remaining quiet for now, as Bell just bought the Argos.

I purchased the sports package so I could get all the TSN channels so I don't miss any games, unlike last year when Jets pre-season games got priority on TSN 3 over the Riders in Saskatchewan.

I can't believe TSN considers basketball more important to Southern Ontario than a Cats - Argos game. But apparently they do. To not have this CFL game with two Southern Ontario teams not on THE MAIN TSN CHANNEL for that region? The ONLY TSN channel many casual Argos and Ti-Cats fans in these parts get. The place on the dial where most people go to when they want to see what is on TSN tonight. Put the basketball on TSN 1, 3 or 5.

This is the equivalent of a Vancouver Canucks hockey game being on Sportsnet East and Ontario but not being shown on Sportsnet Pacific. Or the CTV affiliate in Vancouver showing a Buffalo Bills game while the CTV affiliate in Toronto at the same time showed a Seattle Seahawks game. CTV would never do that - why is TSN doing the equivalent?

It makes no sense to me. Personally I get TSN1, and 5 - albeit somewhere up near 861 on the dial not in the 730's and 740's where TSN4, TSN2 and all the Sportstnet channels, Leafs TV, NFL Network, Golf Channel, NBA TV etc. are all located.

If the Jays - Yankees game becomes a blowout or is rain delayed - it is less likely even some who get all five TSN channels will end up watching the CFL game with it not on this area's main TSN channel if they start channel surfing once they leave the Jays game.

I will say this, this actually is a relevant game for Canada Basketball. With a win over Venezuela our men's national team will have qualified for the Olympics for the 3rd time in history, and will make it to the FIBA Americas Finals. Far more relevant then US Open Tennis doubles from the other day.

More relevant then Ti-Cats vs Argos? Don't feel that is the case anywhere but Toronto, and frankly shouldn't even be the case there. That said, this might be a bit of Toronto protection. There is a pretty solid chance that the Argos will get shellacked this game. I'm not trying to be a douche about it, or potentially jinx the team by saying this but.

Hamilton - Passing Yards per Game - 312.2 (1st in CFL)
Toronto - Passing Allowed per Game - 301.4 (9th in CFL)

Toronto - Rushing Yards per Game - 67.1 (9th in CFL)
Hamilton - Rushing Allowed per Game - 77.9 (3rd in CFL)

Those are pretty strong stats that don't help out the Argos. Then consider, Hamilton leads Toronto in every yards gained vs allowed category except kicking distance. The game could easily become a blowout, and that's not exactly going to help the Argos market themselves.

I've said for several years TSN does not treat the CFL right because they have no competition. Sportsnet, even if they were interested in the CFL, can't give it the coverage the league wants within their already full schedule, CBC can't commit the money or the time to show all league games and CTV won't show games now to augment TSN.

TSN has, at this time, is the only option in town and that leaves them to do as they please with no repurcussions. For tonight they have basketball, US Open tennis and NASCAR on the other 3 channels. NASCAR gets them good ratings and US Open and basketball are semi's, but I think the better option would have been to but the Argo game on the Ontario channel and TSN2 and leave the rest to the regional channels. TSN2 may be the "alternate" channel but it is now the only true national TSN channel so the game should be there.

None of this will change as long as TSN has no competition for the CFL rights.

Almost forgot, Aussie Rules Finals series starts this weekend. GO SWANS, GO!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Probably already said, but Manitoba (TSN3) always gets screwed in this spot. We are always the station NASCAR gets dumped on, even if its the secondary series. Happened a few other times with both CFL games and World Hockey Championship games. Tonight we get the game at 10....

Is this a cable company issue. How is TSN 1 not available on any basic cable package? Then 2 through 5 on the extra levels.

yes, this is ridiculous!

as a fellow TSN4 subscriber here in Southern Ontario, we have already missed a couple CFL games this season (in favor of golf for pete's sake) and now one of the most important games of the year (Cats/Argos) is preempted by a basketball game?

the only reason we subscribe to TSN is for the CFL games. Nothing else.
this is the final nail in the coffin for us and are cancelling our service as of today.

When games are once again shown on over air broadcast networks we may tune back but this is it.

Subtle blackout?
Doubtful it will really work... But could put a few more butts in seats at the RC, if they live close and don't get the channel.