Ti-cats are Pittsburgh Penguins of the CFL

just think about it..this ticat team is the exact same thing as the penguins were this year..signed a whole bunch of all stars in the offseason..had high expectations..sucked balls in regular season..fired coach part way thru..and the team has been put up for sale...lol well i dont think the team will go up for sale but otherwise the tabbies are the same as the pens were this past nhl season

Good observation Peg, I agree with youroverall thesis. But Pittsburgh has "the future franchise" in Crosby. Do the Cats have such a player? Or in football is there such a thing? I don't know, not sure I would say Maas is this but then who knows, eh?

yes..the pens have crosby, and malkin, and fluery (which i think should be the full time starter cuz hes awsome) but i think that there can be such a player in the cfl that can be the franchise player, but u just have to look through teams closely..i think calgary has nik lewis..he is a very young and talented slot back, and he will be with calgary for many years, and will rack up the yardage..im sure that on every team there is a franchise player for the future....u just have to find them

they did have such a player...but lumsden left for the NFL.

and just think. The team colors are the same. Think about that!

oh did lumsden go back to the NFL (after he didnt make the seahawks).

fleury is a great goalie, but the pens have the ugliest group of defenders on their team, hes not getting any help whatsoever. hes had games like he was the stanley cup finals MVP making like 55-60 saves, and then pens still loose like 6-3. joke defense, they need to clean that up.

The Pens do have the stars (Crosby,Malkin and Fleury), but no supporting cast to make them a contender. The Cats, on the other hand do have the supporting cast to be better its just a matter of putting it all together.

It's tough to get a franchise player in the CFL, because if they're good enough to be a franchise player, then they're good enough to at least warm the bench down south. And most - not all - some teams get lucky and a Milt Stegall or a Dave Dickenson decide playing is more important than money - go for the cash.

or an eric crouch? he rather gave up making the big bucks at st. louis as a reciever (because they wanted to play him there than at QB) so he joined the argos so he could continue playing QB.

now THATS saying something.

Dont forget about Staal for Pitssburgh. He should be good.

and don't forget the colors.

lol..okok i guess there is some resemblence in the colors..happy?

the Steelers have pretty much the same colours the Cats have, and they won the Super Bowl. It might be an omen.

yes, they may have the same colors, but theres 1 thing they dont have in common..a winning football team..and a good football team

Peg could relocate, Hamilton is staying put, that the big difference.

if Hamilton were to ever move or fold, it would be as big as the Dodgers move from Brooklyn (which both the MLB and NYC has never recovered from) to LA or Green Bay moving to LA or somewhere (maybe even prementally moving to Milwaukee).

.....indeed, Major League Baseball is completely devestated as a sport and New York City is a economic wasteland because the Dodgers moved to LA in 1957...sometimes I just shake my head at your statements.....

yeah, now we have two LA teams when their should be only one, and NYC has so many teams it's overload while other cities that can support pro teams can't because of NYC.

thank god the CFL is better than that (last city to have more than one team was Hamilton, which meaged the two 50+ years ago.)

thing is RW, what you see as a step in the right direction for the other pro leagues is a step in the wrong direction for me. If I could, I'd move the Mets to Brooklyn right now (build a stadium where their building for the Nets) and stop the Nets from moving there.

......there is only one team in LA, the other one is in Anaheim....

Sure, the name is "Los Angles Angels of Anaheim" but everyone list them as Los Angles Angels or LAA, so as far as I'm conceded, they are now LA second team, AGAIN!!! :twisted:

I miss the ANAHEIM Angels.