Ti-Cats are having a looking at Buck Pierce

I have to disagree. I have not seen anything out of Buck Pierce that tells me he's better than Quinton Porter. He's a good QB, but we already have 3 good QBs. I wouldn't say it was an upgrade, I think it's more of a lateral move.

Hence the word "might" and if Obie can upgrade another position with Porter as bait. .why wouldn't he

Lets face it...the Cats are going to live and die with Kevin Glenn this year. I used to be a Porter supporter, but frankly I don't think he will make it out of camp this year....he has a lot of plusses but you can't teach the one thing he lacks which is poise. Pierce when healthy can do the job and is a fighter, something else that Porter isn't. As far as making sense...I think that Buck has a better chance of healing up as a backup to KG than starting for a cra...y team

^^^^ The poise will come once he gets more comfortable reading defences and knowing his plays a lot better. Teams did a good job of diguising blitz's and zones and confusing him also the team obviously didnt think he had a grasp of the offence so they gave him a basic package to work with each week. He will be a dangerous qb Once he gets to the point where he knows what defences are doing pre snap and he knows all his plays inside and out.

It's hard for a qb to look poised when he's still trying to figure things out mentally.

The Kid Can't be too bad if NFL Teams are looking at him

The free agent quarterback is currently being sought by the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers and Detroit Lions. In addition, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are expected to make him an offer within the next 48 hours, a Hamilton Tiger-Cats scout is evaluating him, and the Montreal Alouettes have also expressed 

An NFL team also signed Bo Smith. That should speak volumes.

THANK GOD, someone else on these forums that saw the REAL Bo Smith and not this Charles Woodson legendary DB guy everyone else seems to see.Some players are made of glass, Pierce is made of particle board.If you've ever used that stuff you know what I mean...Pass..

I agree.

Bo Smith was terrible. I nearly fell over when I read he signed with the Jets, both with excitement that he was no longer our problem and with bewilderment because I had no idea how the hell that happened. The guy couldn't cover, couldn't tackle, and he was burned on pretty much every big TD the opposition scored on us last year. Terrible, terrible player.

Hate to Tell you this Blokskee But He won't make the Jets and Then He'll be back here before you know it
as for Buck it look like The Ticats have Little Interest now

TSN reports several NFL teams are taking a look at Pierce. The article further states Winnipeg are putting together an offer. So, why would the Tiger cats want to have a look at Pierce? Is there a trade brewing for Porter for Pierce and someone else. I personally think Pierce is a huge liability. Too many shots to the head and injured too much. You can't build a team aound a guy who is injured (Lumsden).

Combo Glenn/Pierce is ok. I mean if Pierece is looking for 300k than it does not make sense but if you can fit Glenn and Pierce for around 400 to 450k your doing allright. Pierce is unlikely to give you more than 5 to 8 games but in a league where one win can make the difference between hosting a home playoff game and being eliminated by a crossover team, you have to look at it.

Porter would have no problem finding work in the CFL, even Montreal would make him an offer. Might be a setback but he is a quality QB.

NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jets have a history of using CFLers for their camps and releasing them. Players always have hope that they will make it...

Heaven forbid that Obie does his job.

Who would you rather coming in for Glenn should he have to come out of a game? Buck Pierce or Quentin Porter? I'm inclined to side with Pierce.

I love this guy’s moxy and have been a fan of his since he came into the league. However, I was also a big Dave Dickenson fan and watched sadly as his chronic concussions forced him to retire. I can’t help but feel like Buck Pierce is heading towards the same fate. That being said, if he has the medical clearance and the desire to play, for the right price, I would still take a chance on him.

Should Glenn have to come out of the game, Pierce better make the best of the 2 plays he gets before he gets injured and it's Porter's turn.

He'd be an upgrade on Porter and would be a great backup to Glenn. I don't think he could be relied upon to stay healthy for 18 games but to come in for 2-3 games, he'd be fine.

What a move by Obie if they could sign him.

An Argo-Cat fan

Buck Pierce =Jesse Lumsden. I think both are about the best I've seen at their positions for years but both are huge liabilities rather than assets because they are so reliable. You can rely on both to get hurt and leave you in the lurch. I'd rather have the left guard taking snaps as an emergency QB than take a chance on Pierce I'd take Onknight ahead of him as well. Hell I'd sign myself first. The guy is toast. Get over it. Personally I'd be upset if we signed him simply because I don't want to feel responsible when his head gets so scrambled that he can never function again. This has nothing to do with ability, everything to do with Buck Pierce's health. He can choose to kill himself but don't expect me to be a party to it. It would hope any ethical organization would feel the same way and I'd like to think Obie and crew have ethics

I again have to ask (to the people calling for Pierce): what has he done to prove he's better than Porter? I think we all have to realize that some of the best QBs in CFL history have not been stars from Day 1. Damon Allen, Matt Dunnigan, Anthony Calvillo, Danny McManus, among others, all sat on the bench FOR YEARS before they became stars. We need to give Porter time. Just over two years isn't long enough. Let's develop the guys we have. And if Porter isn't the guy, Tafralis damn well could be.