Ti-Cats are having a looking at Buck Pierce

The Tabbies have sent a scout to have a look at Buck Pierce. Interesting


Interesting.. does that mean Porter might be on the move?

Perhaps Porter is on the move down the QEW...perhaps for the playing rights to Cory Mace??? :slight_smile:

The guy can't stay healthy. He's good when he healthy but that might be at most 3 games in a row.

We have already gone thru Maas and Printers who had injuries. We don't need another guy.

We are fine with Glenn and Porter.

We don't need Pierce. Like Tiger_Dirt said, the guy has way too many injuries. He's a walking infirmary. He's a tough SOB, but we are good at QB with Glenn, Porter and Trafralis (don't forget about him).

I've always liked Pierce, it's too bad he has been injured a lot though.

gillthethrill: If not...I'll bet Porter goes somewhere else. I think he is finished.

Really? I do like Tafralis though....I was only funnin' about the Mace deal..........

Better is Better and Buck is an Upgrade from Porter.
But if the Team Stick with Porter Fine.

Passssssssssssssssss Stick a fork in him he's done.

At this point in his career, a definite liability at any price due to his penchant for injuries.

Why for the love of G-O_D why would we look at Buck (the eternal IR man) Pierce????????????????????

Because he would be a skilled, experienced, dirt cheap contigency if all else fails.

If they bring in Pierce it's to be the starter so I woulddn't worry too much about it.

If its to be second string fine. Its an upgrade over Porter. I just don’t see Porter ever being a decent starter and if Glenn goes down for myself I don’t have to confidence in the guy to win on a consitent basis. Pierce can do that and likely flourish as a back-up for 2 or 3 game stints if Glenn goes down. If he comes for cheap do it no questions asked.

I dont see him being an upgrade over Porter, Porter will be a good qb in this league, book it.

I wouldn't want to grab him. Porter is an excellent backup QB and if he got traded, he has the potential to be another Anthony Calvillo which is the last thing we want to give any team, ESPCIALLY the Arblows.

I wouldn't make a move for another QB at this point unless one of our guys is planning on leaving. He might just be an extra guy brought into training camp.

Wait a minute! Is this another April Fools joke?

If a married man looks at another woman does that mean he may be leaving his wife? :roll: :slight_smile: :smiley: :oops: