TI-Cats Are A JOKE in the Making!!!!!!

Cat fans if you really want to drive home a message about how bad this team really is, just cancel your tickets or stay away all-together because this team is the Biggest JOKE I have seen in years or the History of the Tiger-Cat Team. What a laugh, Jo, Jo, Walker (Mr. Fumble). This team is Laughable, I hope the CFL puts a new team anywhere, Halifax, London I don't care so I can throw my 46 years of support out for the Cats and in with someone else. The CATS ARE A JOKE!!!!!

in the making ? :smiley: they have been a joke for quite a few years now.

you two are f-en Morons............

Yeaaa the game turned into a joke. My section just started making paper airplanes for entertainment.

Was gonna give some words of encouragement........but to heck with it.....you guys know what is what

what this team really needs is for someone to tell them all that they are not very good. i don't blame Maas for all of the problems. the coaches should also take a good look at themselves to. and to top it all off our general manager should try to kick himself in the ass, this man has made this team worse every season he has been in charge. I think Mr. Young should can him and bring someone like Angelo Mosca in to take charge, maybe he could bring back some of the old style of kick-ass football to Hamilton that all us fans are dying to see

it is a bad joke i agree