Ti-Cats are a JOKE in an 8 team league!!!

In an eight team league this team has sucked the worst out of any team for as many years, at least since they last won the Grey Cup in 99.

It's pathetic to say the least and way beyond painful to watch this team struggle year after year.

I wouldn't hold out much hope for the cats next year either unless they are planning to swap teams with BC or Winnipeg. It's only eight teams, can winning be that difficult, especially when the majority of teams make the playoffs even with crappy under 500 records like Montreal and Toronto??

How much did the Cats pay for Printers??? Hopefully he will give back some of that money to the team because he is not earning his pay cheque.

If the Cats were a trading stock on the TSX exchange they would be a BIG Joke

I hear Hamilton are recruiting players from the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.

I support the CFL and Hamilton is struggling. I was really hoping you guys would win today. Winnipeg has their share of crummy years and it seems to go in cycles. Look at your history. You have a history you should be proud of. Knock the coaches, knock the players, knock anything you want. I live in Winnipeg but if I lived in Hamilton my user name would be something like CFLHAM. I am not that hung up on Winnipeg winning . If Winnipeg is playing like crap, I enjoy the athletism of the other team. This is the CFL and Hamilton playing any other team in the CFL sure sounds a lot better than two teams playing each other from another country. Good luck Hamilton. Hope you win next week

It's a shame that the Ticat franchise has fallen from greatness (and I really do mean that). I was thinking about it today, and looked it up to backup with stats, but the Cats have won 21 games in the past 5 years. They seem to have set themselves apart from the rest of the league as not even close on the field.

However, with every fall comes every climb back up, and I think that with Printers, Lumsden, Ralph and Armstead, the Cats have a solid offensive base for the future. They should improve and should get better. With a better secondary, their defense will be able to give their offense more opportunities for success.

Things will turn around and the Cats will win, maybe even next year. Seriously.

Ahhhhh, ready to carry on that 0-47 record.

An Argo-Cat fan

That's a pretty clever analogy. Here, let me try a few more that are equally fitting:

  • If the Cats were a new release playing in your local movie theatre, they would be a big joke

  • If the Cats were a thesis submission for someone's masters degree, they would be a big joke

  • If the Cats were a detailed written response to a Request for Proposals issued by a municipal government, they would be a big joke

  • If the Cats were a new military weapon intended to deliver a strategic advantage over your enemies, they would be a big joke

  • If the Cats were a toy unwrapped on Christmas morning by an excited 5-year-old, they would be a big joke

I could go on and on. This is fun!

(Sorry for my mocking tone, but you insulted my team)

Post of the year. Cut this guy a cheque.

LMAO thats why they started coming out with that hammer!Does not toronto university do that and they have not won a game in 47 games?

i find it very amusing and pathetic when fans cant actually admit when their team sucks. someone comes on here and states the obvious truth, and people still have the nerve to get all defensive. based on what?! what reason could you possibly have to be defensive about whether your team sucks or not. 2-12. last year you were 4-14 and you'll be LUCKY to make it to 4 wins this year!

8 teams....6 make the playoffs...it cant possibly be that hard...especially considering the east is awful, save for winnipeg (who just feasts on the jokes that are the Argos, Alouettes and Cats).

I second that.

If someone said your sister was a loose woman, even if you knew it to be the truth, you might still defend her honour by punching them in the nose. After all, she is your sister.

You are on a roll. You're killing me today.

Great post - I loved it!
Keep up the good work.

If the Cats were a trading stock on the TSX exchange they would be a BIG Joke
IF the Cats were a Stock then I would be BUYING them in LARGE QUANTITIES ...

There is NOTHING but UPSIDE to this team.

The BOTTOM LINE is this team is in YEAR ONE of a COMPREHENSIVE REBUILD ... this year the FOUNDATION was laid with the recruitment of SEVERAL KEY Pieces ... with the addition of a couple SOLID Players from the SCOUTING Department, a big Free Agent (or two), and a new OC - this team is in CONTENTION, again.

Patience is called a VIRTUE for a reason - namely because VERY FEW people HAVE it !


We have a lot of reason to be upbeat . Young O line and D line . Young RBS and a solid one , two at QB . We need a soldid go to reciever and maybe a corner . then we`re set !!!!

ExPat... you are killing me.... brilliant.

Not my sister.

It is always to be critical. Much harder to be a real fan. Of course that means you will endure alot of lows, but you will also experience the highest highs!