Ti-Cats Announce Season Tickets come with playoff guarantee

25% off the '09 season if the '08 Cats don't appear in a playoff game.

As Spock would say,
" Fascinating."*

*one eyebrow lifted

Doesn't fascinating sort of imply a sense of improbability? Hmmm...

Does that mean for Cats players playing on other teams as well.. we all know Sask had a pile of Cats playing for them in last season's playoffs

here we come playoffs 08!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kinda doubt it... I think in '09 maybe, but I dont see it happening in '08.

here is hoping for

end season



ed and montreal go golfing

ticats over argos
sask over cal

wpg over ticats if BC beats sask
BC over Sask

BC stomps wpg

otherwise, a replay of 89 would be nice

Well considering Montreal is sliding and the offense in Toronto is spluttering, thats a pretty good bet.

you do know that the CFL season ends late november and that the C in CFL stands for canadian right?

Mada, My son can golf on Boxing day in the Vancouver area......He used to say, "Snow, whats snow? Is it that white fluffy stuff that falls out of the sky every couple of years?"

heck yeah, they welcome to come to vancouver, and you never know what is happening in Calgary.

I really hope the Ti-cats have some success. Theres just something about that team, stadium and history that tugs at me.

I've always had a soft spot the the Cats and they have paid their dues lately.

Als are going ALL THE WAY!!!! they have the Grey Cup in there home city, THE ALS will kick A$$ this season

the thing i see is that might not be far off. TO is going to hurt alot next year with the loss of players and mtl has been up and down the last few seasons, the west will be wide open next year if wpg can;t resign its free agents.

It's a good marketing ploy by the Ti-cats.
You just can't use it every year.
If the Cats sell lots of tickets because of it this year (2008), then as long as the team shows improvement and the onfield product is entertaining, then the ploy will work.
Even if they miss the play-offs again, as long as the fans are not left with a bitter taste in their mouths yet again, then in order to take advantage of the "25% off" offer, they must buy for 2009.
Then, as long as the team contends by that year, the offer will have been a success--keeping the fans in the stands.

Seems pretty win/win with the player and coaching motivation and improved record being the immediate dividend and a boost in season ticket sales being the long term payoff. I do, however, think the pressure might be too much for a relatively young bunch in an ever improving division.