Ti-Cats and Argos

Looks like he lost it on a pump fake.
They should have challenged…It “could” have been ruled as a forward pass.

Tough game for Hamilton... I have to think starting Chang was a mistake. If Taffee wanted to start him, that's fine, but of all weekends, why would he pick this one? This was a game they needed to win. I hope they can come back next week... mostly because I don't want Toronto to win 2 straight. :lol:

Chang is absolutely brutal. Time to cut him.

'''I agree....Cats must cut Chang.... :thup: :wink:

Chang has potential but he's still a bare rookie to the pro game. He's just not used to the speed and athleticism and hasn't learnt what he can and can't do yet.

He needs to spend another season in a backup roll and learn from a veteran.

If anybody should be cut it's the coach for deciding he was ready to start.

Semantics, but perhaps it wasn't as much a decision based on whether Chang was ready to start as it was a decision for Maas to not start.....

If they ruled in favour of that, then Hamilton would've gotten flagged because he had crossed the line of scrimmage. (At least from where I was sitting)

Problem was I beleive he was already over the line of scrimmage... hence a fumble

hahaha we both replied at the same time on the same comment :slight_smile:

Interesting distinction jm, and in fact Maas did produce some offence off the bench.

Just got back and like I have been saying for a while, we have our QB who will lead us to the GC, its the Cats who need one among other missing holes to fill.

Except at this point in the season making the playoffs is the bigger concern than predicting the Grey Cup already.

Edmonton would cross over right now if it stands as is.

True... but right now I think Toronto has a better shot at making the playoffs than Edmonton. We only have a half game lead over them.

It'll be the home and home series that we have with them in a few weeks that should tell us if there's going to be a crossover.

I agree. I think now that Toronto has Bishop back they are the team in the East to watch out for. There are a lot of games to go and the Argos are 3-0 when Bishop starts. As long as he stays healthy I don't think that there will be any teams in the West crossing over to the East.

I agree Bishop gives the Argo offence more pop, but 3 - 0 v Ham x 2, and a floundering Stamps on 3 days rest does not exactly instill visions of the parade.

ok.. a belated post, yes as i had to drive 20 hours back from hamilton. the atmosphere wasnt too bad.. chang really struggled yesterday.. and ive seen it with my own eyes.. besides jesse lumsden, nick setta IS hamiltons best player lol.

first time i've ever been to the city of hamilton and it sure fits its description as a "working class town". the hecklers sitting behind me were hilarious though.. the only spark of entertainment by anyone in black and gold all afternoon :lol: