Ti-Cats and Argos

So far this is one ugly game. If I didn't know better I would think it's a pre-season contest. It's no wonder both teams have horrible records.

Chang looks about as green as they come. He's looking down his receivers, taking too long to make a decision, and forcing the ball. Lumsden is sorely missed for the Cats. No thanks to CBC for not explaining why he isn't in the game. I had to go to the TSN site to find out he has a shoulder injury.

The Argos are marginally better. Their defence looks OK but they are playing against Hamilton's amateurish offence. Though Bishop appears to be impproving as the game goes on, but he's still less than 50% so far. He made a nice TD pass. Wilson however dropped a sure TD.

One bright spot is the relative absence of penalties for Hamilton. On the other hand, they've got 25 yards total offence so far.

another terrible inept call on roughing the passer when Bishop wasnt even out of bounds. This is football not weak p$#$@ ball!

I agree, but its not surprising. These are probably the two worst teams in the league doing what bad teams do: make mistakes.

I hope everybody got to see yesterdays game, that was a classic.

(And yeah, that penalty was an absolute joke. "Major Foul: Breathing near the quarterback!")

It was apthetic and shows how bush league the officials are. What is with the whistles before the end of plays. Let the play end and finish.

I can see why the ref called it, he just shouldn't have. It was a judgement call and at field level it probably looked worse than it really was. Not that it really mattered mind you.

Last night's incredible Classic makes these two teams look like a couple of practise squads.

you can see why a ref made a mistake.. fitting that crappy officials are reffing two weak teams

I slept in late... like, really, really late. :lol:

But apparently I didn't miss much... I had a feeling this game might suck. This is Chang's first start of the season, and Bishop is coming back after a bad injury...

And I knew about Lumsden injury, but I figured he'd still be out there... wow. Thank God we've got Edmonton/Calgary after to help us forget about this game. lol

This game is horrid.

That was an awesome block by Bauman! He took the Toronto guy right out! :lol:

the ref on his head was pretty cool too

Nice stand by the Ti-Cats! Excellent job. Now hopefully they can string a few first downs together and get a drive going.

Hum... Seems those out of bounds penalties are going only one way. Bishop was still in bounds but JJ Walker had been out of bounds for a few steps when he got hit hard but no penalty. And the TiCats are not even my team.

I wonder sometimes if a team's reputation for penalties doesn't work against them.

....put Chang behind a decent o' line ...and actually have a receiver that he can count on....different story....he's got no support...especially with Lumsden out...Maas ain;t doing any better.....Cats have a lot of work to do.... :roll:

If you did the same for Maas I'm sure he'd be playing a lot better as well...

But regardless, that was one hell of a pass and TD. Nicely done Brock.

...nice toss by Maas....but those come few and far between ,for the Cats'....

There is still time for the Argos to lose. A couple more Argo dropped TDs (they have two now) and a few more big Ti-Cat plays and we might have a ball game yet.

lmao, what the hell was that Maas

Un-****ing-believable... :?

The Ti-Cats have the absolute worst luck!

drops it without being touched.....Jason ...Jason ...Jason.....sorry give me Chang....i think i'd rather develop this kid