Ti-Cats @ Als

On the fumble return for a touchdown, why would CFL Control be reviewing anything other than whether the Alouette had control of the ball as he entered the endzone? I do not believe that on a TD pass they check whether their was offensive interference that allowed the receiver to make the catch.

All turnovers are reviewed - as are all scoring plays. So that play was automatically reviewed for two reasons.

Thanks. Thought I recalled challenge flags on fumbles, but I also wouldn't have bet money on it.

Two questionable off-side calls on the Als.

So-mo'd the PVR for both. On the first Bowman did step into the one-yard buffer but stepped back before the LT moved and on the second the LT shifted his left/back foot out, only slightly but noticeably and distinctly.


Right now there are 43 of us watching the CFL and 4 NFL games. There are a lot that shift seats to watch the CFL and the comments are positive that the CFL is good football. Many have never watched a CFL game before.
The bet at the moment is who will have the most Flags during the game and right now the NFL is ahead. These damn Officials are wrecking the game!

Is this at a sport's bar?

Good game so far. Didnt expect hamilton to be so strong in this one.

Yes, just a small one that is close to my home.

Yea Shultzie... Montreal DEFINITELY has the better team!!

:roll: :roll: :lol:

21-7 Cats at the half!

LOL... as per the TSN panel....

Crompton has put out less than 1/3 of an entire CFL field in total yards at the half, and Collaros needs to be better???

I need some of you guys down here, I'm getting questions and comments beyond my limited understanding of the CFL!
We have contacted friends at other Sports bars local and in 7 other States and every bar has at least one TV with the CFL and strong support to push ESPN to show more games on their primary TV Channels. The fact that your season starts so early in the year has really increased the interest.
The one comment that these guys would appreciate your response to is that the QB seems to be a weak spot for the way the game is played and this is not saying anything against or about the game itself.
They are all waiting to see the second game. By the way, the game is on two different ESPN prime channels.

Refs feeling sorry for MTL??

BS PI call

then forward progress was stopped WELL before they finally crossed... how long do you give a team before blowing the whistle????

At the moment it certainly is a weak point for some teams; it also stands out more with only nine teams (i.e., 3 bad starting QBs is 33% of the starters, not 10%). Really no dominate veteran QBs in the league right now except Darian Durrant in Saskatchewan. Several younger starting QBs (e.g., Callaros) look like they have potential to be good, exciting QBs.

A few very good QBs have retired in recent years, or may well retire after severe inures this season. Montreal had the all-time pro-football leader in yards passing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_gridiron_football_quarterbacks_passing_statistics) retire after missing much of last season with a concussion, and had not groomed a successor.

Havarti would go well with that, maybe a really old cheddar.

Maybe an aged GFY would go good with you!

Ouch. The wit and wisdom wounds me.


Did Higgins let someone else coach that return?

Still lots of time to go, but what the heck happened? It was ALL cats and now Montreal has awoken.

Als seem to have set up a "spy" on Callaros, which has thus far addressed the creativity that was huge part of his 1st half success. Like most games.