Ti-Cats against the West?

Someone please help me, when is the last time the Ti-Cats have beaten every team in the West in one year?

I know it must be awhile ago as it has been 11 games since we beat the Riders. It makes me excited about our chances should we get into a Grey Cup. I realize we have a lot of work to do before that but at least we would have a lot of confidence by that time against a team we would have already beaten.

Someone help me out, please.

Hi Reverend Clark!

It doesn't really matter.

But plainly 6 or more years ago.

The Cats have either reached some level of the potential that ownership/management and/or coaching let alone fans, were rabid for, or this is "Devine Proof" of the "Power of Prayer", or there will be a ton of zebra's lining up at the winner's windows of the "Sports Select" betting thing.

Take your pick.

I prefer to believe that the team has come together, albeit in "answer to our prayers", with or without "Devine Intervention", but would happily accept it if I am wrong!

Very good lol! Wish I would have said that myself assuming you mean Divine

I can neither spell nor type...

I will leave it for you to "guess" my intent!

No intent nor offense taken in anyway, I thought it was funny. I would just like to know how far back it is when we beat the teams in the West all in one year out of curiousity.

Have we reached another "Genesis" in Human History"?

But honestly, I wonder if there are any trivia types that would be recording and sort of records about Divisional rivals like that..maybe if you were undefeated by the other division, but I'd agree, its very uncommon, and "our lads" are doing just fine.

I expect to see another episode of "Wally-Ball" tonight (as long as I can stay awake!), and in the morning, that Montreal game against the Spies will be all that much more entertaining...good to chat with you, I know from your posts that you are a genuine "sportsman" that just appreciates two teams going at it, and lets see what the outcome may be...I'd sit beside you during any game!

As you have figured tomorrow morning I will be otherwise occupied but upon my Exodus from my eglise I will return to my domicile to watch the Als/Bombers. I really do not care how we get into the playoffs I just want to get there, it has been far to long.

All the best


The fate of mightiest is in the hands of the Mightiest...

But then "God favours the Big Battalions" (Napoleon Bonapart)

I'm not THAT good at eclisiatiocal "puns", but you have to think that the Bishop is going to be going down tomorrow, and the Cats will hand them a whipping next Sunday...my lips to God's ears...because this team culd really do it, with KG at the helm...

Although its "Fall Back" night, I will shortly need to hit the bag...all the Best!

I'm not sure how long it has been, but one thing for certain, we have owned the West this year. We won every home game against the West, and beat BC in their den. In each of the road games that we lost we played well enough to win, but did not come on top, and some would suggest that if we started Kevin Glenn in those games, we may have won some more.

The problem now is if we don't win next week, or Edmonton wins next week, we are done for the year. That sort of bothers me, because I really think we are as good as any team in the West.

Let's hope we win, and keep on a roll. Anything is possible.


The last time was in 1992 under coach John Gregory. We defeated B.C., Calgary and Saskatchewan at home and defeated the Eskimos in Edmonton.

Prior to the fully interlocking schedule (1981, home and home against Western teams), the last time the Tiger-Cats swept all five teams from the West was in 1969.

We can beat anyone. Yes, we lost all three to Mtl, however two of those games (in Mtl at that) could have gone either way. This makes us a very scary team to face in the playoffs.

True. And while Montreal may be favoured to win the cup, the reality is, [b][u]any[/b][/u] team can win it this year other than the blue team. :rockin:

Wow, I figured it was along time ago but not that long, my son tried to look it up but could not find it, thanks guys!