Ti-Cats add...

Import Lineman Steve Sciullo

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=10553]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=n ... &nid=10553[/url]

Hopefully he will be a good addition to our O-line.

I hope so too, although I am a little nervous, he is listed at 320 and we already have a problem with overweight slower linemen. I just hope he is a quick 320.

He may be 320 now, but after a game's worth, he will be down to 300, no problem....

The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

He is from Pittsburg so hopefully he will embarce the Steeltown attitude.

He is about the same size as Travis Claridge! If he has half the drive and determination of Travis...he will be a winner!

Remember what Travis said about guys hitting his QB???

"It's like somebody slapped my mother...I take it personally"! :thup:

A Welcome Addition! :thup: :thup:

His bio states he hasn't played since 2004.

My Grandmother has had more starts since then.

I hope I am wrong and he can do the job.

A very nice and quiet deal.

According to Eric Tillman we traded the rights to rec. Chad Lucas, a Green Bay project currently in NFL Europe to EDM for Scuillo.
He was drafted by Indy in 03 and played 13 games that year.

Smooth, Mr. McCarthy.

P.S. He went to Marshall not Mac.

I hope this turns out well, but he sounds like another Greg Randell, he is over weight for this league, 320 is too big.

Hey there Diesel,

Just wondering how big your grandmother is.
How much can she bench? Me thinks the Cats might want to take a look at her. :lol: :lol:

Drexl... Randall is coming off an amazing game against Winnipeg....

also, This is a guy who played for Indy and Phili (bio says he played in 2005 diesel...)

Those were good running teams. (well able to run block anyway, Edgerrin James for indy, and Westbrook and Donovan McNabb in Phili. all three wracked up a LOT of yards on the ground.)

I'm optimistic.

(anyone else notice the Oline started playing better the same night that they ran 30+ running plays)

maybe they were able to run 30+ running plays because the Oline was playing better…

I disagree. But it is only my opinion.

Being that the Oline was able to exact some revenge in their run blocking, rather than just sitting back in pass protection.

now, 30+ plays might be a little much on a regular basis.... but it sure did help last game.

This game i expect about the same against the Argos run defense. (if we can run over the best run D in Wpg, then Hudson, Randall, Powell, Felice, Hage and Smith should be licking their chops over this coming game.)

If they had run for 16 yards on their first 7 carries, and kept ending up in 2nd and long, do you really think they would have kept banging their heads against the wall trying to run it? Especially with Lancaster's attitude that he doesn't really care too much if they run the ball or not?

They had success early so they stuck with it.

Re-P.S. He went to Marshall not Mac. First let me say , this guy hasnt played a down of CFL football yet, and IT could be that they want to give Kojo the rock, he,s from Mac, :stuck_out_tongue: