Ti-Cat Victory Party

For planning purposes where in Vancouver will the Ti-Cat GC Victory party be held?

Lets win the next two games first eh? :smiley: :rockin:

Let's be positive! We are flying to Vancouver to watch the Ti-Cats win the Grey Cup!

I like your optimism but they do have to win tomorrow (I think they will) and then see if they can best their western opponent in BC next week. Biggest post game celebrations will take place in Hamilton a few days after the game.

Buddy shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch and over confidence kills just ask the Trash talking ALs after tomarrow!

I don't count chickens, but do enjoy Buffalo Wings and a cold beer. I have a positive attitude and confidence (not "over") that the TiCats as a team will win. If they don't there is always next year, but the next two games come before next year.

You should call Wally Buono and ask him what he thinks about that :lol:

He is probably still "devastated" from his loss. Should the TiCats lose any of the upcoming games we will be disappointed, as most Cats fans will be, but not devastated, we will still come up for our first GC game.