Ti-Cat version of the Madden Curse?

Okay, as some of you may have heard, after being featured on the cover of Madden, every cover athlete seems to have a much poorer season than the one before (those who are unfamiliar with this can just google "Madden curse"). Anyways, the players Hamilton picks to use as advertising "faces" seem to have poorer seasons as well. Lets look at the passed two seasons:

Last season, Casey Printers, Jesse Lumsdem and Zeke Moreno were the primary ones used to advertise all Casey had a horrible season, Lumsden had numerous injury issues and Zeke was involved in a trade that was criticized hugely amoung Ti-Cat fans.

This season, the primary ones used to advertise at the beginning of the season were Chris Thompson, Quinton Porter, Nick Setta and Prechae Rodriguez (given the lack of TV ads, I used the four "introduced" in the video that always appears on the scoreboard before games where Requiem for a Dream plays in the background. All four of these players played much poorer than last season. Notice also that that video ends with 5 players standing there, those four, and the fifth being Markieth Knowlton (he actually had a spectacular season). For the purpose of this thread, all advertisements containing Bruce are not counted as Bruce didn't start the season as a TiCat.