Ti-Cat TV coverage in Chicago

I'll be in Chicago this weekend for the Bears-Seahawks game and I want to watch the Ti-Cat game in a sports bar. (I'll be wearing my Ti-Cat stuff at the bar and at Soldier field.)

Can someone point me in the right direction showing CFL TV coverage in the U.S.? I know it's here somewhere.

Good luck. I can't even get CHML in Toronto.

An Argo fan

You are lucky, it's going to be live on Commcast Sportsnet Chicago. US coverage is spotty sometimes. Goodluck getting a bar to put it on a screen for you. They'll think you are crazy. Maybe you can convert a few.



Thanks WilltheThrill.

I'll be at Wrigley field Saturday afternoon, and it's surrounded by sportsbars. Hopefully I can find one that has enough TVs that they'll spare one for a group of visiting Canucks who are there to see their Bears and Cubs.

I was in chicago in early august, i caught the montreal game on comcast in a bar, they are pretty helpful in putting on the tv for you