Ti-Cat Train Tracker

This is a cool idea, whoever thought of it.

Shouldnt they be in Montreal by now ?
I agree a great idea for sure . Anybody know how much free time they have before the game starts ?

lol this is pretty interesting, but is this not boarderline stalking?

Sorry we did not have time to elaborate the reasoning behind it. What it is for, is that the fans can let their loved ones get notified when the train aproaches Union station (40 minute mark) and when it pulls into Aldershot station so they can meet them there as not everyone on the train has a cell phone and the cellular reception on a train doing 150kph is not the best.. If you would like to be notified simply send an email to ticats@primeline.ca

personally, I think they stole the idea from Santa Claus.....

http://www.noradsanta.org/index.php :wink:


Well, this certainly is interesting to see right now. It does help one appreciate what a very long ride home this must be for them, after that loss.

And the post-game post count seems to be down, as those who would be posting are on that train, as you can see from visiting that site. It'll be interesting to hear from those who were there.