Ti-Cat Towel

Since I know the "terrible towel" has become so popular for the Steelers, I was woundering what you though about the Ti-Cat Towel that was given away for free at the playoff game.

I think it adds to the atmosphere, I plan on bringing my mine to every game

Please make sure your towel does not block any other customers (fans)view and if it is raining under no circumstances should the rain from the towel make any other customer (Fans)wet.

I think the towels are great, to bad we had to wait till the playoffs to get one, not once all season did they hand anything out, oh im sorry i did get my 3 little canday bars on halloween. Being a season ticket holder i was a little disappoionted in them not give away more things!

the towels were good but i liked the hammers from 2 years ago

As long as there not crying towels. :frowning: :lol:

Golf Town in Ancaster is selling great looking TiCat towels for your golf bag. A nice stocking stuffer. The TiCat store has head covers and TiCat golf tees. :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old golfer in section 7)

I would rather not get any giveaways and let them do the other deals like they did for fans like the discount at the concessions.

What discounts are we talking about! At least at the roar store i got 15% off when i buy things, at the stadium they dont give that to you?

As opposed to the rain getting them wet????

Towels don't make enough noise. :wink:

I would rather have hands clapping (to go with the yelling) than have my hands twirling a towel.


Just making fun from the "umbrella thread" earlier this year and how rain from the umbrella got someone wet...like the rain won't do that to you

The towels were cool because it was a packed house.

The preseason and non-Labour Day regular season games have 22,000 people and it's just not the same.

I really don't care if they give anything out. It's normally cheap that most people either throw away or donate to Value Village. Don't forget that you get a free program when you enter the stadium!

The Cats had a lot of game day promotions (hats, t-shirts) as well as concession discounts (retro game and playoff game).

The guy who supplied the towels was very generous! It looked kool in the stands.

Give aways like the towels are nice, but we can make do without them.

LOL you call that a program thats a joke! 99% advertisement! One player and one cheerleader in each one! Oh and cant forget the line-up! Thats not a program. Id rather pay $5 for a REAL program! As for giving thier give aways to Sally Ann, what wrong with that, at least it would benifit someone!

The guy who supplied the towels was at Tigertown at Grey Cup with his 2 daughters and his son. They seem like a fun-loving group. They said they will be at Labour Day next year. If they read this, I hope you live up to that promise - the place will be rockin'.