Ti-Cat tour hilite advice

Hypothetical: you're bringing a couple of Amerk friends up for Saturday's game. They're casual CFL fans but not steeped in the details and lore of the Ti-Cats and IWS. What are the top things, the musts, for show-&-tell to get them up to speed? The championship-in-every-decade legacy... how much Hamilton fans hate the Argos... the rehab of IWS... the contact high available in the west walkway... the reach-out-and-touch-someone bonus feature of the sideline seats... what else? I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious that's a requisite for the full Ti-Cat game experience. Any and all suggestions are welcome, with thanks.

Oh! :oops: I'm ashamed to realize I'm also murky on the origins of the oski cheer. Help me out?

Show them the spot where the guy got his ear bit off.
I think there's a plaque there now.

Take them for a walk down Beechwood and let them see one of the great things the fan club has done There are about 35 plaques up on the wall outside. It is called The Walk of Fame.
As for the History of Oski wee Wee, just go to the history of Ticats. This is on the front page.
Take them to the Football Hall of Fame.
Take them to the Tailgate party of the Box J boys in the parking lot J off Cannon.
Good Luck pat_cat

How all the I-beams holding up Steeltown's IWS are stamped "Algoma," meaning they were imported (inexplicably) from Sault Ste. Marie

The years-old "Helix" insignia still carved into the bench in Sec. 26, row Q, between seats 26 and 28

How in many of the sections the seat numbering is done with magic marker

And don't forget to converse with Pigskin Pete too, in this his 2nd-to-last game before retirement. He'd also be a good source for Oskie Wee Wee history and heritage.

Show them the history of the Ticats and the CFL by taking them to the Hall of Fame.

:thup: :thup: Introduce them to Cattman too! He sure knows his way around!

Also a visit to "ATTIC PIZZA" or "Philthy's" would be appropriate!

Definately take in the tailgate with the Box J Boys! A visit with members of the "Forbidden Website" also will help them understand the rivalry with the Argos!

Bunner wrote:
How in many of the sections the seat numbering is done with magic marker

I think that will be top of my list come Saturday, I have two of my brothers and their kids coming to IWS for the first time and I can show them how mickey mouse Hamilton is with having to use magic markers for seat numbers, they’ll get a real laugh out of this I’m sure. Only in Hamilton. :lol:

But the video board is awesome we have at IWS, I know that Londoners, where they are coming from, thought that the new arena there should have had a better video board for the Memorial Cup a couple years back, they were a bit embarrassed about that.

The years-old "Helix" insignia still carved into the bench in Sec. 26, row Q, between seats 26 and 28
Also, while sitting in the famed "Helix" seat which is on the 55 yard line - one of the best seats in the house - take in the view. It is unlike any view in any professional footaball stadium in Canada and probably North America.

The war time row houses. The steel industry. The skyway. And yes, a liquor store can even be spied from these seats within a block of the stadium.

My family should love the walk from Centre Mall to the stadium. Actually I'm wondering if I should order some bullet proof vests for them as they might feel they need these walking past some of the ceedy establishments on beautiful Barton St.

That's a bit of a stereotype though. Last year, I went to the old Avon at Barton and Gage before almost every game, and only one time did the patio get sprayed with machine gun fire.

Good one Bunner. But to be honest, while it is a bit ceedy along Barton from Centre Mall, I've never felt that is was any more dangerous than most other streets in a large city.

You guys are bringing me back in time. Remember, from the famed "Helix Seat", you can also see the liquor store at Stadium Mall. The only stadia in Noth America with a clear view from the seats to a Liquor Store.

For fear of a sudden zapping of this post, I'll post a Helix picture in the next thread.

Here is Ti-Cat super Fan Brian Vollmer at the 30th Anniversay Helix Concert:


Ah, sweet Helix. I recall them playing a late-in-the-year tailgate party at Brian Timmis a few years back, but instead of sparkly spandex, they were wearing snowmobile suits.

If I remember correctly the worlds biggest Helix fan would not return from Northern Alberta for that game which was a playoff against the hated Argonauts. Said fan was even offered a free flight from Edmonton but turned it down.

I also remember seeing that un-named fan's brother holding up a cell phone, broadcasting the pre game Helix show back to Alberta for him.

Thanks for the refresher course, everybody! You guys rock. See ya there tomorrow!