Ti-Cat Releases have been announced


A little surprised about Hurst and Sumpter. I thought they played pretty good in that 1st pre-season game.

The Cats brought in quite a few LBs this training camp and looks like Wacha was made expendable.

Domagola will resurface again. Either next year in Hamilton or another team will give him a look.

Looks like:

-Josh Crockett beat out Jaelin Acklin (practice roster) for the last import receiver spot on the active roster

-import Isame Faciane (cut) was beat out on the O Line by imports Kelvin Palmer and Demetrius Rhaney

-import LB Chris Frey beat out import LB Lucas Wacha (cut)

-other new imports who made theactive rosterinclude DT Caushaud Lyons, RB Cameron Marshall, DB Tevin Mitchel, DE Lorenzo Mauldin, and QB Hayden Moore

Vaughn was unexpected.

Vaughn is probably still a bit injured maybe then

I guess the price tag of Jamaal Westerman doesnt matter. They want to keep him on this team and they seen enough of him to feel that he is good enough for this team. I’m glad he looks good.

Nice to see Josh Crockett make the starters list but over Jaelon Acklin who caught everything thrown his way in camp is a bit of a surprise. I think both players are keepers.

Has there been any big surprises cuts today accross the league ?
I am not sure how the Argos found a way to keep so many QB’s and RB’s

They have QB’s Bethel Thompson, Bridge, Franklin, and Picton ( looked good against Hamilton)

RB’s - Tyrell Sutton, Burks, James Wilder, Chris Rainey

No big surprises in the Ticat cuts:

I speculated that Wacha would get cut because of #34 Beverete and #33 Frey’s good camps and exhibition games.

I would not be surprised if one of these guys bumps Tuggle at some point and I think either one of the could play Wil LB if Simoni got injured. I think we are in good shape depth wise.
Both these guys should be great on special teams .

I guess I an not sold on Leonard at halfback as he got burned alot last year and teams tended to
pick on him and Rolle on the wide side. I think Hurst with his NFL experience would have been a better choice than Leonard. But we still have Frankie Williams and Mitchell. I could see one of these guys replacing Leonard.

I will guarantee you that Orlondo will drop the whole national at running back idea after no more than 5 games. None of our national running backs are starter materialat this time.

I think Thomas-Erlington is a good backup and part time player and Jackson Bennett belongs at SAM or safety even though he performed well at RB his real skills are on Defence.
I think both guys would tell you the same thing over a beer.

Who do we have at RB to get a TD on third down and goal on the 3 yard line ? Not Erlington…then who ?
Is Erlington anywhere near the blocker CJ Gable or Alex Green were ? No. Are we going to be an all pass no run offence like when Condell was working under Kent Austin.

Malek Irons could turn out to be a ratio buster at RB. I think it will take at least a year though.
Having said all of this, I think they should have kept Lawry as he did nothing but shine and had a spectacular university career and now we only have 1 import RB.

National DT Justin Vaughn getting cut is a shocker as I thought he’d beat out Wade and Van Pelt . I imagine another team will scoop him up as a backup national DT. If Teddy goes down we have no decent replacement and would have to use an Import. So Teddy , if you are listening please don’t get injured.

I thought for sure that Acklin had made the starting receiving corps but he ends up on the practice roster.

So Crockett will start. I guess they wanted some height .
They only have 4 import receivers on the roster in Banks, Tasker, Addison, and Crockett.
I would have liked to see them go with 5 import receivers ( Acklin or Tucker ) if they are going with a national RB.

I hope this doesn’t mean we plan to start 8 nationals instead of the minimum 7. Sure looks like it unfortunately.

I am wondering if import RB Cameron Marshall was injured or if they plan to start him.Guessing injured .

I was happy to see them keep Imports OT Palmer, DE Mauldin, LB Frey, LB Beverette and DB’s Frankie Williams, Mitchel and RB Marshall as all of them have big upsides and could start.

Glad they kept Acklin and Tucker even if it is only the practice roster.

I scratch my head about keeping Brian Jones, Wade, Van Belt .

I wonder what the plan is with Westerman ? With his big salary of 220k and two import DE’s on the roster it makes me wonder what they are up to.
If they start Westerman that makes 9 national starters. If they don’t start him then he is very very expensive backup.

I am guessing Frankie Williams starts the year as our prinary kick returner with pissibly Odeleke or Addison.

I do think we have the best Dline and Oline that we have quite some time. Rico Murray looks like he will be as good as Unamba was.


He’s a veteran, and teams are not allowed to cut an injured vet. Only injured rookies can be released.

Another poster on here (before your time, Jenny) used to speculate that Wilder would end up in HAM because TOR would choose to keep Sutton and didn’t have room for both.

The new guy Janarion Grant should eventually work his way into that role.

Does that apply before the season starts?

Also, if it does, then it would only apply to players officially injured, i.e., not cleared by medical staff. Once cleared, then there’s no restriction. I suspect that NiagaraGuy’s “a bit injured” comment was suggesting that, while cleared, there’s still an issue affecting his play.

There are 52 players still left on the roster. I’m pretty sure they will announce 6 players that are placed on the injured list to get down to 46 players. If I recall correctly, I think they did the same thing last year. Announced the final cuts and then which players were placed on the injured list.

That’s not entirely far-fetched. If I recall correctly, didn’t the previous poster before Jenny accurately predict Van Zeyl ending up in Hamilton right after the Argos released him?

Any worthwhile Argo that gets released will be considered by Hamilton since Jim Barker was probably the one who recruited the player in the first place and is most familiar with their value and skillset.

Yes. Obviously Vaughn is 100% healthy.

Yes, the fact that you have used three usernames to post: Gerbear, OskieG, and now JennyCat. Absolutely ridiculous.

3 of our current year draft picks suspended. I don’t recall that use of the roster rules in the past.

i could honestly see them using Jamaal Westerman as a starter and having him along with Wynn and Laurent in the inside and Davis on the other end.

I think Lawrence, Tuggle and Murray will be perfectly fine. I think Frey will be a huge contributer this year and could start some games in the middle or Lawrences spot.

Our backfield I;m not too concern other then Leonard and Rolle at times but we do have Frankie Williams. Leonard keep intercepting plays like you did last game.

I also agree that our offensive line looks better then it ever has the last few years. Having Ryker Matthews back is HUGE especially after picking up Chris Van Zeyl.

I like Sean Thomas Erlington but I’m curious what Cameron Marshall could do for this team in the backfield. Time will tell.

I honestly thought Jaelon Acklin would have won a starter spot. I hope someone doesnt try to take him off our practice roster. Same goes for Marcus Tucker.

I know Justin Sumpter was injured in pre season but I have a feeling someone will pick him up to another team. He looked good before his injury.

I hope you’re right about the above, because I have yet to see a good performance out of the
D-line in the preseason.

I’m still trying to understand how the team has avoided the fact that they must name a Global player (and at the expense of an International player) as one of the 46 players on the roster. Currently none of the 52 players remaining on the roster are Global players.