Ti-Cat record last 18 games

Last year after 5 games,this team sat at 3-2,having lost their first two games,they reeled off 3 straight wins.Since then though
the team went 3-10 the rest of the 2012 season,and 1-4 so far this season......combined record last 18 games....a sparkling
4-14 w/l record.With Edmonton and Winnipeg coming up the next three games,it seems like this three game span will make or brake this season,is asking for another 3 game winning streak....asking too much of this team???.This year 6 wins will probably
get you a play-off spot,maybe even home field.The only way this is going to happen is by defeating the other sadsack teams,if we can't win at least 2 of these games.....me thinks we're done!!!

With all the injuries, there won't be many, if any, betting on a win in Edmonton after a (one day) short practice week. The 14 days between games, after that, will be a much needed blessing for the IR list. But, last year, the bye week was the start of the big decline -- going into it on a 3-game winning streak and following it with 5 straight losses. Veteran teams seem to benefit from the schedule break while it's much more likely to be a major distraction for the younger players and teams like ours.