Ti-Cat Problems

I am not writing the Cats off yet.

Still have an amazing D.

However, here are the problems that need to be fixed. IMO

1 - O-Line. This is busted because of injuries. ZC would not be able to play any better than Mathews.
There is no time in the pocket.

2 - No running game. Again that could be the O-Line not making holes. Gable is still looks hurt and they cut Grigsby for some reason.

3 - Mathews is not adjusting to the elements. This is the second wind game he has been way off target. The GC is in Winnipeg, so he will need to figure it out.

4 - Special teams. Stop the illegal blocks. Way to many returns have been brought back this season.

5 - Cats are going into a lull at the wrong time. You need to be on a roll going into the play-offs.

6 - The head shot to Mathews might be a concussion. If he is out. The Cats will need to start from scratch with a 3rd stringer.

Please get these cleaned up. Still want to see a Stamps - Cats 2015 Cup

Yet , a Stamps - RBlacks Cup would be ok also

Can't say I agree with that one.

But as for the rest of your issues ... a little late to solve for this year. Unless the league is willing to override the trade deadline for a 24-hour window next week.

nor I.
Zach can and does play much better than Mathews. (health permitting of course)

I want the Stamps / Cats Grey Cup rematch too!

My repsonses:

1 - Collaros can make things happen, even when the oline is playing poorly. Thats his biggest strength. I think we could've won this game or previous games, or would've been better off, with him.

2 - I agree, Gable seems like he's still injured. The Cats used Sinkfield a bit as a RB and it seemed to be working. Although, rushing is down throughout the league this year. Still, I'd like Gable to be used and for him to play to his potential. He's a good running back.

3 - If only Mathews played for the Argos or Lions (just the Lions after this year) and played indoors mostly. :confused: I agree that wind seems to shake him up.

4 - That goes for all teams. The return game was supposed to be opened up by the new rules, but 50% of big returns seem to be called back by penalties.

5 - A lull caused by injury to a QB for the season while other teams are getting people back. The difference in record with and without Collaros the last two years must be ridiculous. Then you have teams getting QBs back, like Reilly and Ray, teams picking up decent backup QBs, like Glenn and Nichols, and teams with healthy QBs all season, like Mitchell and Burris. That leaves only Hamilton, BC, and Saskatchewan. Sask has been in a lull all season and BC found a good young QB in Jennings.

6 - Masoli or Harris? I still kinda think Masoli has some potential... But I know that's not the popular opinion. Masoli was second string at one point...

If Zack is healthy the Ticats walk away with the East and go to the GC. That is the only thing wrong with the Ticats.

Zach would play better for a couple of reasons - he is more of a scrambling QB and he has more experience and would read the defenses more quickly.
IMO there is not much sense in ragging on the OL as they are doing the best they can given the injuries that have occurred. Unfortunately for Jeff most of those injuries have coincided with Zach's injury and he hasn't had the advantage of playing behind an OL that is healthy and consistent, as Zach did for most of the season.

I will admit that ZC is better than JM. That goes with out saying.

When Zack was ripping up D's the O-Line was still in tact.

How many sacks did the Ott D have ? I lost count at 5.

I do not care who is QB. If you have a patchwork O-Line and rushed on every play........

Why do you think the Bombers have problems at QB ? Because they have a very poor O-Line.

Today I heard something I thought I would never hear.

Ti-Cats fans booing.

Who could blame them? That was horrible for a team fighting for 1st.

oline can get into a game if u pound the ball once in awhile,,,,the biggest problem with this offence is the cats don't run the ball which puts immense pressure on a rook qb and a banged up oline

I can't agree with any of the posts analyzing the myriad of Hamilton's supposed problems; they only have one problem but it's a big one - they don't have Collaros. You would be amazed at how good that same offensive line that played today would look, and how much better their running game would be, if they had a QB that was elusive, a threat to run, and made his reads quicker. Mathews is not that guy and they have no chance at all of winning as long as he is the starter.

X2 :thup:

I have been pumping the Cats tires all season long. Even when ZC went down , I still believed in them and cheered for them.

Now I am pointing out the problems they have.

I guess I am in the minority. So I guess I am wrong.

I will give in . The ONLY problem the Cats have is no Zach :roll:

I don't think your wrong at all ZC is a big factor but it's definitely not the only reason . The Cats don't have any depth at key positions and nobody has elevated their game . That's the difference between a good team and a great team . Look at Calgary and all the injuries yet they haven't missed a beat. Reilly went down after the first game but Franklin and Nichols stepped up and everyone elevated their game .


A Stamp fan and an Eskimo fan in agreement.
Wake me up , I must be dreaming.

Your break down is correct. Cats still have an amazing D, but they can not win it by themselves .

Ticats were as unbeatable as a team could be at THF, now have fallen to 5-4 at home on the year with him out of the lineup. Losing him I think hurt beyond his performance at QB. When Collaros started the team had a bit of a swagger or confidence across all phases of the game, which maybe stems from having confidence in your starting QB. Since he went down they seem to have lost some of that edge IMO.

This sums it up perfectly I'd say. You felt the city deflate a bit as well when Collaros went down, things were going so perfectly there was a real buzz in the city during that streak of blowouts and now nobody is very confident just like our team is playing.

Yup !!! Gotta agree with both these statements. The Cats were having a dream season that sadly has been few and far between in recent memory and then POOF it all came crashing down when Collaros went down. I would love to see the team make a 3rd trip to the Cup this year but realistically and honestly at this point I would be very surprised to see them playing in the Peg on Nov. 29 and even if they do somehow make it to the big game this year I honestly can’t see them winning it with the quarterbacks they have on the roster at this time. Right now I would say that the Cup this year will go to Edmonton or Calgary.
I really can’t see any of the other teams in this years playoffs even coming close to winning it at this time.

I agree Mathews is not the guy. He can't scramble and avoid the pressure. The o-line is no worse than it was with Collaros, but it is now being asked to provide more protection to a QB that just sits in the pocket.

However that is far from Hamiltons only problem. Special teams have been anything but special lately, the D has not stepped up their game to help compensate for a drop in offense and the OC has failed to adjust his offense to suit Mathews who is a different style of QB than Collaros.

Collaros injury has just exposed weakness's in Hamiltons game that have existed all season but were masked by the best offense in the league.

I knew Hamilton would have problems in cold weather without a running game. The difference yesterday was Ottawa’s ability to control the clock with their running game when required. The end of the first half was beautifully managed and executed.

Until Hamilton accepts that it needs to develop a running game (and that’s a commitment made through the entire season). They won’t win the GC. There is only one dome left so you need to run the ball to keep defenses beating up your QB, get through November and win it all.

Gotta agree there; Austin's disdain for a running game is counterproductive.