Ti-Cat Party Room in Winnipeg

Does anyone know if the Cats will have a party room at the Grey Cup in Winnipeg this year. Missed having one last year in BC

Then you can go the their BC party room this Saturday. Just go down to the bench during the second half to find out the details. :slight_smile:

The Cats will have a room at the 2006 Grey Cup. It is called Tiger Town. I ask Mark Bowden to post some more information regarding the room soon.

The news release will go out at the end of next week.

But, just to give all ticats.ca people the heads up...

The Winnipeg Convention Centre will be the hub of festivities during Grey Cup week. The Centre will be the home of the Calgary Hoedown, Touchdown Manitoba/Magic on the Praries, Riderville, and it will be the introduction of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats new "TigerTown".

Now, we don't have the biggest room in the place, but it is sure to be somewhere that Tiger-Cat fans from across the country will want to gather. The room will definitely have a Black & Gold theme to it as we celebrate the rich heritage of Hamilton Football.

We have cheerleaders from every team coming by to do their routines with music supplied through the SIRIUS Sound Stage and we will be the only venue in the building where you can get an ice cold Bud!

We have Tiger-Cat TV screens set up inside that will be showing Tiger-Cat Grey Cup victories 'round the clock.

TigerTown will be open Thursday through Saturday from 7 PM to 2 AM and again on Sunday, before the game, from Noon until 4 PM.

I hope that we will see many of our Hamilton fans from across the country join us in the Pan Am Room of the Winnipeg Convention Centre for TigerTown and some Hamilton hospitality.



A legitimate hospitality suite. Enough of the legion halls with the backed up toilets. I'm glad our whining last year has enacted our beloved football team's staff into action.

Losing the charm of the low budget, high risk, low return events of the past. Can't wait to see the beer price.

Are "forbidden fans" allowed, or will we be frisked at the gate?

I think this year’s Ticat hospitality suite should purposely do what happened by accident at the same venue a few years back, namely, circulate the fetid stench of raw sewage through the filled-to-capacity premises, for hours on end. In terms of the season, it’d be like pathetic fallacy, almost. Or at least (in the words of Mr. Leahy) the Winds of $hit.

"Forbidden fans" are welcome and I promise the price of beer will be under $8!



Cheers to the cheerleaders coming through (although this is a staple of all the hospitality suites at Cup)
Cheers to the SIRIUS Sound Stage (can we listen to Stern too?)
Bud???? Are you serious? Bud??? I am flying over 1200 miles to get away from the American beer that surrounds me every day. Can't you serve some Lakeport products? Nice cheap Lucky Lager by the bottle. Now, that's Hamilton.

Truth be told, I am really into your Hospitality Suite Mark. Except for the Bud, but I will drink Gibson's instead.

This could be the best Hamilton Hospitality Suite since the impromptu one went up at Grey Cup 97 in Edmonton.

The memories. It was a site to be seen, fans from all the teams huddled into the bathroom at the Sheraton. Free smokes were given out...and that famous, cup of pee.




...so for those fans who stagger with how retail pricing works, beer prices will be $7.99 !!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the answer everbody. Looking forward to Tiger Town, and the Greatest Fans in the world.