Ti-Cat jackets on Facebook

I checked with Cat office - they're not aware of any legal agreement with the Las Vegas company. They are checking with CFL Legal.
If you bought on I'd be interested in the quality.

Yes of seen a lot of sketchy Facebook pages selling CFL stuff.

Hey guys, well I guess I got suckered into it and bought one. It's on it's way so will let you all know. I was impressed with what I saw and hoping it will be the same feeling when (if) I get it. Mind you, what kind of leather for $99 is another thing and maybe it's faux

It won't be leather it'll be pleather

Yeah, it is definitely pleather or something of that nature. Well, I received it and honestly, very happy with it and will wear it with pride.

Take care everyone!!!

so what the hell is pleather? How did it size up for you?

lol, not sure as Onknight referenced that. It's definitely not real leather but has a nice feel to it. We'll see how it stands up to the elements. I got a medium and it fits perfectly

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Hoping not to offend anyone, cheap junk from who knows where. I'll take a pass. Thanks anyways.

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Pleather is an old term for PLastic Leather. Started in the 70's. Now some of it is quite good.... and the rest still junk.

Remember ‘Borg’? What the heck ever happened to ‘Borg’? Maybe we could mate a borg and a pleather and come up with a fur-lined coat? I won’t attempt a name.

You absolutely must post photos when you get it.

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In the post above this one Sully asked you to post a picture. I, too, am curious about what it looks like. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You know, Naugahyde.

(I wonder how many Naugas were sacrificed to make those jackets...)

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Hey all, sorry for the delay.. Here is some pics of the jacket...


No spelling mistakes. That's a real bonus. :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks wonderful. Hopefully it wears well. :+1: :vulcan_salute:

:sunglasses: Yes, looks pretty sharp !! Enjoy wearing it.

we are also in jackets industry nice.

If we mated mink with Borg , we could have "Morgue". In this time , that would seem apropos .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)