Ti-Cat Injury List

So I just thought I'd remind everyone with this loss by a single point against one of the better looking teams in the West, just how many high impact starters we were missing.

Greg Ellingson - Out with the Flu
Craig Butler - Out with undisclosed injury (took a licking of a hit vs Ottawa, hope to god he's not concussed)
Zach Collaros - Starting QB out with a concussion
Peter Dyakowski - Out with knee injury, hopefully will still have a career when he gets healthy
Greg Wojt - Lower Body Injury
Joel Figueroa - Lower Body Injury I think
Brandon Banks - Undisclosed Injury

All of these guys are high impact players, and that's not even including some of our D.Linemen being out.

Ellingson was a “healthy” scratch this week unless he still has some lingering flu symptoms. He was sick last week.
Butler was in a walking boot - no concussion - and did come back to finish the game after being injured. Hope that didn’t further aggravate the injury (a la Owens)
I thought McDuffie did a decent job replacing Banks but then again there may have been some plays that they might have run with Banks and did not want to try with McD. However you are right - WAY too many injuries to key starters but cannot use it as an excuse(like the Argos :oops: )

When your team is still making competitive games and losing by less then 7, yeah I think injuries are a better excuse. Unlike the Argos who yeah they are hurt, but are losing by well over 17 points most games. That’s not injuries, that’s a sign of something more at work.