ti-cat hat question

theres a new ticat hat on cflshop.ca, and i noticed under the ti-cat logo, theres a fairly obvious ‘TM’ under it

…yet its the ONLY hat on the whole site that has the ‘TM’ under the team logo…even the same style hat with different team logos dont have the ‘TM’ or any other ticat hat available…why only this hat?

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/store/product.php?productid=677&cat=82&page=2]http://www.cfl.ca/store/product.php?pro ... =82&page=2[/url]

At $34.99, methinks they should include dinner for two and a film.

$34.99 is pretty much the going rate for a quality hat. I paid that much for my current TiCat hat... but I WANT one of those... they are nice

Oh and DG.. my current hat also has the TM under the logo.. I'll take a pic of it and post it, it's a cool looking hat


Thats a better pic...lol... didn't know my hat was on there

oh..just locate your hat on the store website or cflshop.ca and post the link.

if they are selling these hats at IWS, im buying one....even if it does say 'TM' on it. ( ill just go over it with black marker..lol )

The logo on that hat is the new logo introduced since the Bob Young era and does have a TM (I would have to think that Bob knows a thing or two about protecting intellectual property).

I think that the old logo (the one displayed in the margin of halfthedistance's posts) is public domain and therefore doesn't have any TM on it.


ehy, thats a real nice hat HTD.

but when lookin at all the ticat hats available on cflshop.ca, thats only 2 with the TM....other ticat hats dont have that.