Ti-cat Grey Cup this year is quite possible

I recall the '81 Ottawa Rough Riders finishing 7-11, finishing 3rd. Then they stunningly whipped us in the playoffs and went on to face the powerhouse Eskies, and dominated the first half of the Cup game 20-1. They came within a whisker of winning but fell 26-23, as Edmonton rose to the occasion.

The 'Cats are already 4-3 against the west, seem to be peaking, and are fairly healthy. And we might just be destined to win one this decade.


This year everyone except the blue team is a contender, including Ottawa.

Baby steps dude :wink:

GREAT !!! Now you just jinxed us... thanks :lol:

you don’t recall it very well because they were 5-11 :smiley:

"THE HEALTHIEST" team down the stretch wins it all!

If I could prove you wrong, faith wouldn’t exist. So, I’ll say yes to us winning it all!

Keep the faith man, Go Cat’s! :rockin:

Money in a separate bank account for a flight to Calgary......just in case :wink:

I stand corrected - they were 5-11 in the 16 game season. Quite a feat to end up just short of winning the cup.

Regardless of the final finish, I enjoyed this season where we've been competitive, for the most part.

If the Cats make it to the Big Show... I will fly out and pick up scalped tickets...

actually he recalls correctly cuz they would have had to win 2 playoff games :smiley:

well if you count the playoffs then they were 7-12 after losing the grey cup :smiley:

great for the cats to have a good team again, im really pulling for you guys, your fans are cream of the crop and have stuck through some pretty tough times. ANYTHING is possible this year... at the beginning who would have though that the cats or bombers would have a chance at a grey cup.. and with mtls secondary and 2 hot offences were in for a interesting finish..

as i bomber fan i still hope we pound you next sunday... best of luck tho... hopefully see you in the semis one way or another

and living in Ottawa I remember the last year of the Renegades 7-11 and not making the playoffs because of the crossover. They had a pretty exciting young team and looked unbeatable in the summer but like the Ticats they lost some close games in September and October and it was game over.