Ti-Cat Football Experience

Hello all,

I am a longtime Rider fan who cheers for the Ti-Cats as long as they are not playing the green and white.

I will be in the Hamilton area for the Montreal vs. Hamilton game in September.

Any pointers on how to optimize the experience?

Seat selection? Food? Bars? Parking? Practice Field party? Tailgating? Other attractions?

(I have never visited Hamilton)

I compiled this Google Map some time ago, with the help of other members on this board, which you may find useful.

[url=http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=102552157563844999230.0004803c15d3928e5ff51&ct=docsearch&cd=2&cad=docsearch,cid:16557515065805488564]http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&ms ... 5805488564[/url]

This thread viewtopic.php?f=5&t=53457&hilit=haunts might be of some help too.

There are no bad seats at Ivor Wynne so just go by budget/preference. I really miss going to games there. The tailgates are across Canon St at Scott Park School in the parking lot.

Yeah, if you want to enjoy that day around the stadium there isn't much to choose from at ll in terms of bars or restaurants.

Best bet is to tailgate right across the street as zenstate says, or go into the stadium early and enjoy the bands and have some beer and some food in the endzone right along the out of bounds line as you watch your Riders warm up right in fornt of you in the west end zone.

This topic has me thinking I'm going to miss IWS when it's gone. :frowning:

If you are staying the night, I recommend the Admiral Inn at the Base of Dundurn St. One of my buddies got a room there for his wedding, and it was very nice. I've also heard the Sheraton is nice as well. My suggestion would be hit one of those hotels, walk into the core (Along King St or York Blvd), spend some time at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (nice to see once), maybe do some pre-drinking at one of the many pubs (like Salinte) and then head over to the stadium from Gore Park via a bus (King 1 is the bus you want) get off at Gage St and tailgate for a bit. There isn't much around Ivor Wynne as far as restaurants/bars, hence the need for a new stadium.

The only bar close by that I'm aware of is the Dizzy Weasel on Barton St, which will be packed with fans before the game. However I wouldn't say it's a particularly great bar.

Actually, PiCat, would you mind adding the Dizzy Weasel, the Purple Pear,Staropolskie Deli and the Heart of the Hammer Cafe to the map?

I can. I think there might be a few from the old thread that I haven't added yet. The project got put on the back burner a while ago due to time constraints. I should be able to get back into it in a couple days, though. If you or anyone has any other suggestions, I welcome your input.

There isn't much around Ivor Wynne as far as restaurants/bars, hence the need for a new stadium.

Yes Hammer, this is exactly the reason the city and the TigerCats need a new stadium. I'm sure most residents of the city and area, TigerCat fans or not, would agree on this point. :wink:

Heh, well it's one of the reasons anyways. :smiley:

It's helps, no question.

Although it's not the nicest bar in town (or any town!), The Prince Edward Hotel on Barton St. is a good game day experience, and within easy walking distance to the stadium.

Great answers and pointers so far, but I think we forgot that the Montreal game is a 1 PM start.

“Sat Sep 11 Montreal at Hamilton 01:00 PM”

Food and Bars
I like to get to the stadium at least an hour before game time, so I think those restaurant and other tips are for celebrating with the Black and Gold fans after the game. I will pick up a Sausage on a Bun under the North stands and then head out to the West end zone too…

Wait until you see what scramble parking looks like… but it is all part of the experience at IWS. The walk from the street parking to the stadium is a part of the whole package.

Practice Field Party
Not part of the Ticats day… and most practices are at IWS now, not Brian Timms.

Scott Park, but it will start really early for a 1:00 PM kick off- How do you like your brunch?

All seats are great, but if you can afford it, the lower sections (called Boxes at IWS) have seat backs, such as they are. Box H will be full of visiting Alouette fans right behind their team bench, and as a Rough RIder fan, you might try another section… unless you want to hassle the visiting team. Box J, where I sit, is great for me, and those seats let you comment (discretely?) to the Ticat players and coaches as they are right in front of you. Every seat at IWS has a story.

All IWS seats let you holler and support those Ticats as they face their greatest obstacle in this the ‘year of the Tiger’ Enjoy the game at Ivor Wynne. You’ll see a fairly impressive pre-game show with the fly past and the country’s largest flag, a superior on the field product and many hilarious comments from those seated around you. Sure beats watching the TV at home… and the replays are on a screen a little bigger than the one at my place.

Oskee Wee Wee

Dang, you're right. I must have been thinking the July game. Also don't forget we'll probably get a fly by from the Warplane Heritage Museum.

I don't frequent bars as much as I used to I'll say but one thing I will say with the bars I have gone into in Hamilton, won't name any, is that it's been a great experience really. When I talk to my family in London, they think that any bar or bar-type restaurant in downtown Hamilton must be, well, dirt shall I say. They don't know squat is what I tell them and makes me want to go to London less and less to visit them to be quite honest really.

This is one reason I really would like a more upscale type stadium, I'm getting sick and tired of people like my family in London thinking Hamilton and the TigerCats are on "the other side of the tracks" so to speak. I hope the Mayor understands this image that many people have of Hamilton.

I hate to disagree but "ouch" most seats at IWS are bad - I mean most are "bench seats" with no backs, very uncomfortable.
Not enough seats between the goal lines - IWS has the fewest seats between the goal lines of any stadium in the CFL, one reason why Bob Young is losing money at the stadium. Any time there is a big crowd your likely to get a seat only in the end zone. Box seats K and J zones 5 and 9 and sections 21,22,23 even in box A and f most of the seats are behind the goal line, in the end zone. From section 14 all the way over to Box A are all end zone seats. If the play is at the opposite end of the field and you are in any of these seats you won't see much of the action. If you sit high up in these sections you will see the action.

Just check out the seat plan:


Best sightlines in North America Jay. Nobody said it was big enough. Every seat is good, even the endzones.

I'm talking about the view man. Not how comfortable the seats are. What are you? A chick?