Ti-Cat fans MIGHT get a freebie on Saturday

Found this on the Argo website:

September 6, 2005



The Toronto Argonauts Football Club is so confident that the Double Blue will be victorious in the Labour Day rematch game this Saturday, September 10 at 3:00 p.m., it is making Tiger-Cats fans an offer they can’t refuse. If the Ticats sweep the series by winning at Rogers Centre on Saturday, the Argos will refund the price of their tickets in this special Win Back-To-Back & Get Your Money Back offer.

Through this unique on-line offer, Hamilton season ticket holders, residents and fans can purchase a $15 ticket (maximum of four per person) to Level 500 of Rogers Centre in advance of the game by logging on to http://www.argonauts.ca or clicking to http://www.ticketmaster.com/promo/18031. If the Argonauts lose the match to the Tabbies, allowing the Ticats to win back-to-back games, the money will be refunded.

These special tickets are limited in quantity and are not valid with any other offer so Hamilton fans are encouraged to act quickly.

sounds like there could be a 50 000 sell-out?? ( 30 000 argo fans and 20 000 ti-cats fans )...lol

but how do they know your a ti-cat fan and not an argo fan?.....does that matter?

Good question. I think it depends on where you pick up the tickets. Plus when you order the tickets online, they will ask for your billing address.

good promo

imagine the Extra money the argos could make if they win...thats a few thousand tickets sold that they wouldn't have had without this promo.

cats will win the cup in the greatest season come back ever!

awsome idea. i live in T.O. so im going to the game. But i will not call myself and ti-cats fan; i'll prodly wear my new soft argos jersey with my name on the back #83 :smiley: it will be like NFL atmosphere cause its packed and really loud, can't wait :stuck_out_tongue:

i already bought my tickets....section 127


ya see you there! :smiley: go argos! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I'll be in my spot in section 118, right beside the guy with the drum (and no, it aint drumming god)

great idea............CAT FANS are suckers..........hee, hee, hee,

Awesome - that stadium is gonna be PACKED and ROCKING and LOUD. I can't wait - and I'm gonna be watching it on TV! :smiley:

This is a great idea.........can't wait.

Can you imagine how much this would cost to the Argos if the Tabbies win? Everytime a purchase is made through credit card (which might happen a lot if tickets are bought online), the merchant (here, the Argos) must pay a fee to Visa or MasterCard (or whatever the card). This is not refundable even if the purchase is refunded. And there are quite important administration fees too for managing a few thousand refunds.

The Argos must be pretty sure of themselves.

maybe they LET the ticats win, just for this....hahahahha

And if ARGOS WIN........which they will........they will make allot of money.

money money money moooooney....MOOOOONNNEYYYY!!!!!!


football is a business...........and this is great.....for every one.....including CAT fans.

Great promo....
Hamilton has their two wins for the season. Argos will profit more ways than one.

Even if the Argos lose, I'm not sure that they'll lose money on it. It might cost money for each ticket transaction, but how much more are they going to bring in on parking (I assume), program sales, 50-50 sales (if they have them - most football games I've been to seem to have them), concessions, etc. Of course, if they win, then so much the better.

I wonder if this will tick off the TiCats and make them come out with extra passion.