Ti-cat fans , help me out

a ball-club who's 1-10 or whatever we are now can't get much worse. is it a coaching thing? a player thing? its hard to tell from the cold metal seats of ivor wynne

what i can tell you is this.
i want to coach your hamilton ti-cats
for free

we cant do any worse. taffee isnt getting the job done. the o and d coordination is a joke. players are confused out there. we cant win ball games. even against an amateur team like MAC we'd get blown away.

if we lose with a coach whos never coached before. our rep isnt damanged at all..
if we win with a coach whos never coached before, the media will go nuts and we'll sell out the next game.
its a win win.
help me ti-cat fans. get me a job

You're hired.

If HE,s hired can i be O.C? :stuck_out_tongue:

I say jobs for all who want one. Damn, I'm sounding like a pinko socialist.

While we're at it, I'll take Bob Young's job.

An Argo-Cat fan

i would like to be DC on your staff

I don't see why not.

Just let me add one little condition, all roster moves have to be run by me for final approval. :wink:

what i want is to send the o and d coords on a vacation with taffee and let me coach the team for 1 damned game.

im not joking. i could win with this team. we have the talent, we need some damned dicipline.
anyone know bob young or dejardins personally? get me a job!!!!

this one's for the author of this post.stay in your seat. you are completely discrediting the entire cfl
by suggesting that a) YOU could win with this team and b) you should be talked about in the same breath as guys like austin, pinball and buono.this post has to be a joke.
you're making it out to be like the in-mates are running the asylum and that's not the case here. its not "whatever you want, you get" you're basically suggesting fans can all get together and go down to the cats office with torches and other various weapons and create havoc until you get your way,
this is a stupid, feable-minded post by some simpleton. have another weiner and wobbly-pop, it ain't gonna happen.stupid, stupid, stupid.