Ti-Cat Depth chart vs Stamps

Good to see Adams at CB instead of that pylon Lee...

Wait a minute - a pylon actually has a purpose for it's existence. I apologize to any pylons that may feel slighted by my above comment...

Sermons at SLB - Interesting. One to watch for sure.

Tolliver, Watt and Andy better be ready to carry the load for the passing O. Time for Chiles to show up. This is his chance to begin building a legend. Be a hero for this game and build from there. I hope it works out that way.

10 observations I see in the depth chart for the game vs the Stamps tomorrow :

1/ Dyakowski returns to the active but it would appear he has temporarily (permanently ?) lost his starting position at LG to rookie #1 draft choice Brandon Revenberg who is listed as the starter for the 3rd game in a row now.

2/ Evan Gill after being listed on IL for the past 31 gms dating back to last year finally makes his debut on the active roster backing up Drake Nevis at DT. That is if he isn't one of the game day scratches.

3/ Sermons moves over to replace Ellis who replaced Murray at SLB from the Secondary and becomes the 3rd different player in as many games to start at that position. Ellis returns to the secondary at Half alongside Davis inside for this one.

4/Speaking of Murray , he has now been placed on the 6 gm after being a late pregame scratch last week vs Sask.

5/ Campbell starting his 3rd consecutive game now at the all important LT position after replacing a benched Brian Simmons who is now listed on the 6 gm from the 1 gm last week.

6/ The team now has an astounding number of 22 players all told listed on the IL. 4 ( 1 gm ) 18 (6 gm )

7/Terrence Toliver returns to his starting role at receiver after being a late game day scratch last week vs Sask.

8/ Mike Daly will once again start at the safety position for the 2nd game in a row

9/ Emmanuel Davis is our only DB currently on the roster who has started every game this season in the secondary. Newly acquired Johnny Adams starts at CB and becomes the latest starter in our revolving door backfield this season becoming if my count is right the 13th different player to start a game this season in the secondary.

10/ The 46 man is listing as 3 qb / 22 Cdn / 21 Imp which means that one of each will have to be the two game day scratches.........for what it's worth , look for Timmis-rb to be the Cdn scratch and Johnson-de to be the Imp scratch for this game. This is just a pure guess though on my part looking at who is available for rotation and special teams.

If anyone has seen something I may have missed or should've added please feel free to jump in with any additional observations or input . :smiley: :rockin:

Hey bobo, I do the depth charts, not a bad job tho by a rookie! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding of course, Thanks for posting!

I'm stuck at work with a crappy computer that won't let me copy.

LOL !!! no problem Grover , I just figured I'd pull a Masoli and come in off the bench and pinch hit for ya Buddy !!! :smiley: :rockin:

Crappy day for a football game. Hope we catch a break from the rain

Great in-depth post bobo. Looks like we might get a break from the rain according to radar.. perhaps a short shower for a few minutes.

Hate to say it bit I have given up hope for this team, especially today :oops:

C'mon...it's why we play the games...the team is not going to lay down and die and neither should you. :wink:

Yes, they are in tough, But they have been beaten, they almost lost to the peg last week and we have a decent team...sooooo, lets let them play the game..."Go Ticats". :rockin:

We almost beat them in Calgary !
We were within 6 points in the fourth quarter :thup:
A few picks going our way and a turnover and we have a bonus 14 points or more ,maybe...... :cowboy:
And as Woody & Ron Lancaster always stated "that's why they play the games"

Lots of takers on the depth chart thread, but still no one claiming ownership of the Game Day thread (in the absence of Russ).

Me, I hope they win, but expect them to lose. And we at least have one of our walking dead back.

I expect to win every game........ :cowboy:
It's true that some people never learn...:0)