Ti-cat Defense is offensive!!!!!

:D I have had time to cool off,but l am still very dissapointed with Kavis Reeds defense.Where do we start?

1 Not agressive enough for Ti-cat football,you have a backup QB and we get ZERO PRESSURE on him,where was Cheatwood,Cotton,Belli (who is more talk than action )and Peterson.

  1. Linebacking, Auggie should not be starting period,not agressive enough at all.Our blitzes never get the QB in time,how come when the Argo's blitz they get Mass ?
  2. Db's way too loose of coverage and get beat long 2 x ,they will let you complete 4 yd passes all day and that is not how you beat the Argo's
    4.Coaching Travis Reedis responsible for our defense and you heard Coach Marshall complain that we have to get more pressure on the Argo's if we want to win.
    5.My prediction is that Kavis Reed will be replaced smetime this season maybe before Labour Day,if not earlier !!!
    ^. Our defense is no better than last years and we should be way ahead and that my friends is coaching!!!!!!!!

I think with a few tweaks, the defense will be fine.

We held the Argos to 27 points and Williams to less than 100 yards so that in itself is an accomplishment....

I loved seeing Cheatwood drop Williams for a loss too! :wink:

You’re kidding, right? You’re happy with giving up 27 points to a back up QB?

and Williams to less than 100 yards so that in itself is an accomplishment....
[sarcasm] Yeah, cuz the 97 yards he got rushing, stinks. [/sarcasm]

Belli is was overrated.

Start Brooks...the defence needs a bit of an attitude.

They looked very flat yesterday in my opinion.

Totally agree! Brooks should be starting and on the field as much as possible. Auggie makes the play usually 6,7,8 yards too late.
The secondary right now is the least in the east. No improvment at free safety at all. Too much of a cushion is given by all the backs. We have to get a lot more physical back there or bring in players who can be.
We now have a top notch scouting network setup and I'm sure Craig Smith and Mike McCarthy can find some top notch talent as soon as they become available.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

I understand moments after Ryan Donnely was dropped by #97 Argos, there was a call to Ryan on the Ticat bench from WWE boss Vince McMahon for a try-out in their camp.

PJ :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

All in all , TiCats did a good job against the run,Baranchia stuffed Williams for a 5 yard loss, - But it looks like we need some experience at Safety, The corners are left alone to often, The safety has to getin the play and not get faked out ., And either the DB,s play the ball or the reciever(Contact when the ball arrives) one or the other but not do nothing.at least make the reciever earn the catch.

I agree that Bobby Brooks should be starting, if we started 2 Canadians too many than i dont know why he wasnt in there more often.

Don’t know what the actual numbers were, but I think he got over half of those yards on one drive in the 4th, so no, they did pretty well shutting him down. Now, if they had done half as well shutting a few other guys down…