Ti Cat Cheerleaders Photos

I was just looking @ the new photos of our Ti Cat Cheerleaders..

Not to sound rude But they are not the greatest looking photos.. Looks like they just got back from the gym in 1 photo And their normal outfits isn't saying much..

Yes we do have sexy cheerleaders but these photos do not show that. Sorry wearing trackpants and runners in photos big mistake

Here is the link to the photos http://www.ticats.ca/cheerleaders

Bob Young doesn't want the children seeing too much bare skin i assume :roll:

The ticats.ca photo gallery has great shots from the Winnipeg retro game and also includes the following shot of the cheerleaders.....Retro Cheerleader Photo

That retro look was a lot of fun, Pigskin Pete could have been wearing groovy striped wool pants with big bell bottoms too. (I sure remember mine from the 60's!)...

Oskee wee wee

Also I noticed last year the cheerleaders that had tattoos. The tattoos that were showing were all covered up my bandaids. :lol:

I would kill for our cheerleaders to wear proper cheerleading outfits (skirt, not tight pants). It always has to be a “dance squad” type operation too. Traditional cheerleaders is the way to go!