Ti-cat.ca censors me.*********

i had a thread on the forum ( at ti-cats.ca )...simply asking if anyone was boycoting the superbowl....thats it, i didnt bash the NFL or anything...and they deleted it....what losers...im sick of that site. they are always censoring stuff that isnt offensive in any way....it is for goodie goodie 'yes'-men.

Paul Godfrey must have been the moderator.


Bob Young always professes to be fan friendly and accepts e-mails from fans. I would send him one and ask for an explanation. Following which and depending on the outcome, if any, say good bye to the site.

naw...im done with that forum...this isnt the first time they've censored me for stuff that is hardly controversial....3 guys were insulting me because i said halifax deserves a stadium b4 hamilton gets a new one. and i insulted them back after attempts to be nice about it and clairify without insults. and got banned for a day, because the others were long-time members....what a crock of crap.

the only thing they want to hear over there, is ‘the ticats are sooo great’…‘we will win the grey cup fur sure’… bla bla

That's OK to a point, but the more disturbing blatent over the board favourtism for the No Fun League. How do you explain that? Censorship of an opinion. Nonsense.

...what ever happened to freedom of expression and the press...they look like a bunch of jerks ...if thats what they did to you drum....plague on all of their houses....NFL...TOADIES... :stuck_out_tongue:

thank u for listenin to my rant, guys!

It's akin to the NFL Gestapo mentality. You cannot talk or have bad thoughts against them, if you do you are branded as an neanderthal and must be banished to Siberia for life.

i don't understand your concern. The thread is still active.

oooo, i see what happened here....outta all the threads about NFL , mine is the one they banish to the NFL chat section....people talk about NFL all the time in the ti-cats section, but cuz mine isnt in-your-face PRO-NFL, mine is the one to get moved...ok

r u the mod who moved it or something?

How could you do this to our most active family member here shame on you! Sorry DG but it had to be said!

The way your talking makes it sound to everyone here on this site that it was banned all together. You were banned. Well that wasn't the case. And no i'm not the one who moved it.

DG, sorry to hear that mate, that’s pretty bad.

Maybe they found out you wre an Argo fan! :wink:

or think that i am....?

i dont have a fav team....

Sorry DG, I cannot tell a lie......I told them you were a closet Argo fan...so they banned you! :wink:

lol....its ok...its like being banned from an old-age home anyways.

dg - I love the fact that you love the CFL over the NFL but telling people to boycott the NFL is plain stupid. NOt trying to be mean. I love the CFL and don't mind the NFL. 2 different leagues. That would be like someone telling you to boycott the CFL.